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Another beautiful song from Nightwish!
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Damm, good music video, for a damm good song, nothing more could be said about life than what is said in that video. Can't wait for Imaginaerum to be realesed in Aus
Very good music video. and... just replay.
schickes Video, passt wunderbar zu dem geilen Lied
Nathan Wilkinson-Nah mate that song is from the album Made In Hong (and Various other places)
thanks my friend had told me that there were spoilers out for the songs in imaginarium so i wanted to make sure it wasn't one of them because i hate when people make spoilers. Its a real discredit to the band that makes the song.
The new album Imaginaerum has been released in Europe already, will be coming to the US shortly. But +S.E. Coutts was right, this song's from a previous album, so no spoilers there!
Yea go Nightwish, have brought the new album, two words, EPICLY AWWWWWSOME, great job with Imaginaerum, Nightwish, I know some people have been saying that since Tarja left, Nightwish would never be any good, however this new album, shuts all the critics up, Annette is as good as Tarja, in Annette's own way, no worse, just different. BETTER. YEA NIGHTWISH FOREVER
Anyone who says that Nightwish isn't any good without Tarja are not and never will be Nightwish fans. They're only Tarja fans and should just shut up and let the rest of us enjoy the music. And if you ask me each album that Nightwish comes out with gets better and Annette made the band even greater than when it Tarja was in it. Nightwish you rock and i never get tired of listening to your music!
Yes, you are correct 100%, Nathan Wilkinson
I wish I had gotten the CD that had this song on it! It is one of my favorites :-)
This song is so beautiful. Marco's voice is perfect.
One of my favorites.
very like this song.
My favourite song! I did a cHOReography with fan veil
Anne B.
My absolutely most beautiful song from Nightwish, Marco is a great singer  :-))))
great, that's OUR (my and my GF's) song.... the most beautiful one, thanks :)
This isn't a Nightwish song. This song is by Marco and Tuomas only.
From wikipedia: “While Your Lips Are Still Red” is not an official Nightwish track, but Holopainen has stated that he is not comfortable with releasing any material under his own name.
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