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Community Manager, Huffington Post
Community Manager, Huffington Post

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This is a sad response to the World Cup loss to Japan.
We deserved it for this:

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Sweet mother! When can I use one?!
Something to add to your bucket list. :)

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looking for a way to visualize a community a la

Not tools like which works on something specific - looking for something to map a community on an arbitrary forum or blog.

Any thoughts?

There is a 6 year old kid in one of those electric toy cars...custom pimped out with a massive sound system, complete with in dash touch screen controls.

Only in harlem

Has anyone figured out how to get someone onto the service yet?

I Invite people to circles, but they just get an email about having to wait. Seems evil to taunt people...but maybe that's the sneaky point :)

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Octopuses, Octopi, Octopodes - all correct. Who knew!

I find it amazing that there's no import feature as part of the onboarding for Google+. Sure it's a beta, but it should be the first thing I get asked - find gmail friends and invite them. I'm lonely here and Google+ isn't spoon feeding me the process to invite others I know.

Shame on you Google. Did you learn nothing from Wave?
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