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Mithra Rajah
Travel loving nerd
Travel loving nerd

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Itineraries - 96 hours in London
London! A must visit for any historian, literature or travel lover. I was hard pressed to come up with an itinerary for just four days in London, but here are my favorite experiences and must-dos for the first time traveler. Trafalgar square Day 1 Try to ge...

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The Literary pursuit of Travel - In the land of the rings (1)
I didn't know much about New Zealand when I was growing up. Sure, it was a popular site for many Cricket games played in Auckland and Christchurch and I heard of distant relatives who moved there, but I hadn't read many books which would help me imagine the...

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The Literary pursuit of travel - poetry and the other Potter
In this post I invite you to visit the land of the Golden daffodils, the Lake district. Located in Northwestern England, the Lake district has been immortalized though its most famous poet, William Wordsworth. I however had another favorite author in mind w...

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Its awesome to wake up to this! We are just scratching the surface here!

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In case you missed the Venus, sun and earth in line  and do not want to wait until 2117, here is what I saw from my area.   #Venus   #venustransit  

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