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Suicide isn't the easy way out as many people think. It doesn't mean that you're weak if you commit suicide. There's nothing even remotely easy about suicide. Do you really think that is so easy to come to fight every natural instinct in your body that tells you to survive? Do you really think it's east to come to the decision that ultimately, it would be better if you were dead? Better for you, your friends and family? When you're suicidal you consider everything. You consider what would bring your loved ones pain. That's why you hold off for so long. Because you can't hurt the ones you care about the most. That's why you try as hard as you can but sometimes you really want to end all this. The suffering and the pain. Suicide doesn't happen for something stupid. People who commit suicide just because they're having a bad day or just because their boyfriend/girlfriend dumped them, are stupid. Suicide is because everything is overwhelming. It's because you lost all hope and you can't see any light in your life anymore. It's when your vision is surrounded by the darkness. There are people who dare to do it... They jump from a building or in front of a train.. Some of them cut. What I'm trying to say all this time? I'm trying to ask just a simple thing.. Why?
How does that even help in the slightest? How does hurting yourself helps? You're only asking, no, you're bringing more pain to yourself! Listen to me... There's so much more in this life than what you're feeling now. All you have to do, is to stay strong for just a little bit more. Eventually, you'll make it through. How do I onow? I've seen many people going through that.. I've had many friends suffering from that. Me, myself, I'm still going through that. We all get low at times, and we really wish to die.. But listen to me. It's not worth it. Happiness is not away. You'll never be truly alone and you'll never be sad forever. I know that for s fact.
That doesn't mean that you won't have bad days. We all have bad days. And I don't think that will ever change. It's how life works. We get hurt to get stronger. No one ever said that life is easy. We are going through a lot and yet, there are so many to come. But you have to stay strong. You have to keep fighting. You're not alone in this. You'll never be. We stand together and we fight together.
Instead of taking the blade every time you're feeling low, take a pillow. Shove your face into the pillow and cry. Cry until you have no more tears. Why? Because crying helps. Many people say that crying proves you're weak. They're wrong. Crying doesn't mean you're weak, it means you were strong for to long. And now it's finally the time to let go of that. To give in your fears and fight. You don't have to keep it inside you anymore. You can open your eyes now. You can wipe away your tears. It's over. You won this war. Smile. You did it. You're strong. Now stay that way. Don't you ever give up. Don't you ever lose hope. Keep on looking forward because better days are coming. One day, you'll look back on these days and you'll laugh.
I promise you that things will get better. Whenever that's sooner or later. You just have to believe it. Don't think too much... Thinking is stealing your happiness. Be happy. Do whatever you want. Enjoy your life. Don't you ever give up. Never. We stand together, till the end of the line.
Thank you for reading all this. I really hope that it helped you. Have a beautiful day and keep on smiling. Better days are coming. I promise. 
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