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The Lazy Housewife at Atlanta
If you read my previous post just now, then u are jumping 4 months
into the "future" with this post, which is my "present" here at Atlanta and will be my "past" if I’m reading this
years from now. Just messing with ya. But isn’t it interesting how time can ...
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Happy New Year 2016
I always write a post when it’s the New Year. This year, I didn’t.
So here I am 4 months late writing a post in my dead blog. Déjà Vu Night of 31 st Dec 2015 : Midnight was fast approaching. And we were ready. By ready I
meant stocking a couple of booze lik...
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 It wasn’t planned. All good memories in my life happen
unplanned. And this was a ride which I will remember for a long time.   The party was supposed to start at 8pm on the starting of
this Newest Year of our current life. Most
of us already had our separa...
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The year 2013 is about to come to an end. It’s only fitting
that i’m back in my home-town right now. Reminding myself that no matter how
long i take or how far i stray i’ll always have a place to come home to. This was a year of many “ my first time” shits....
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100. Write coz no one listen
In my
line of work, I have to talk to a lot of people everyday. Some are real
bitches. I imagine myself stabbing them a thousand times in my mind or pouring
gasoline in their filthy mouth and setting it on fire. These images made
talking politely to them mu...
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