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Turning Locust
Normally the desert locust ( Schistocerca gregaria) lives the
peaceful solitary life of a tantric Buddhist monk. He chants, eats, drinks, and
even has sex in slow, purposeful, meditative moderation. But if you rub him up
the wrong way by overcrowding him an...

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The Cathedral of Junk
Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas, is exactly what one might expect to find in
Austin. Something different, decidedly odd; certainly disturbing. It is what its
name implies: A cathedral entirely made from bits and pieces of junk. I asked the
artist abo...

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Recipe for Scott's Delicious Beef Stew
"Hey, love," I say, "it's getting chilly, let's have a stew tonight." "Good idea," he says. A few hours later he calls me for dinner. Beef stew served with garlic bread and applesauce. I must say, it's so easy to make. And delicious!

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Thalia Laughs and Melpomene Weeps
My father always used to say I either love or
hate—there is no middle ground with me. He might have thought that was an
insult but I take it as a compliment. And it’s true; I have the dramatic masks
Thalia and Melpomene painted in bright colors on either si...

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Ripe Fruit
Okay, everyone knows I’ve been doing it: hiding my body in
Facebook pictures, that it. Ever since I was twelve, I’ve thought I was fat. But now, I
realize it really is true. I’m curvy, and not in a friendly way like I used to
be when my breasts sprung eager...

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The Sound of Traffic
It’s six a.m. California time and I’m sitting quietly on the
back porch of my mom-in-law’s house in Sonora at the base of the Sierra Nevada
Mountains, feeling the summer morning settling upon me in gentle pine-misted
clouds and eager bird song and cricket c...

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas … Christmas comes to South Africa mixed-up and turned upside-down, like water going down the plug in an
anti-clockwise direction (it’s a metaphor, but for the literally-minded here’s
a link about water
direction )...

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WAVES St James Beach on the Cape Peninsula in South Africa is a tiny tidal
alcove beach hidden by the Cape Town/Simonstown train line and warmed by the
Agulhas current. Protected from the notorious Cape winds by the grey-blue Kalk
Bay Mountains, the beach p...
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