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Nice tut Jared!  I found that the iframe method of saving does NOT give any response to the user of an iPhone, although it does save it on the server, but using'download.php?file='+response, '_self'); actually produces the same effect as the iframe in Chrome,FF,IE,Safari and Opera, AND it opens the picture in a downloadable fashion on my iPhone.

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Hi Alex and friends.  Sublime Text 2 looks like a decent editor, but NetBeans IDE is open source (free) and it actually parses the PHP while you type, so it gives real-time suggestions for functions, constants, globals and anything you define within the scope of wherever you are typing.  Also it reveals PHPDOC helps for all shipped PHP funcs and for whatever you have defined in your scripts.  It's AWESOME for learning PHP--the built-in parsing, error flagging, documentation and suggestions have taught me as much about PHP as you guys have.


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These are the best caregivers in western NY.
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Nice Adam!
For smoother control, change the Player's render function:

this.render = function(){
this.x -= dist;
this.y += dist;
this.x += dist;
this.y -= dist;

And replace the keydown listener with these lines:

    var key_press = new Array();
    document.addEventListener('keydown', function(event){
key_press[String.fromCharCode(event.keyCode)] = true;
    document.addEventListener('keyup', function(event){
key_press[String.fromCharCode(event.keyCode)] = false;

This way, the player can move in multiple directions (diagonally), and it happens instantly.  Now I wanna figure out acceleration...

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Gettin in shape here Adam--thanks for the bootcamp!  Here's a quick cycler to test out the different modes:
<!doctype html>
margin:40px; background:#666;color: #fff;
#my_canvas{background: #fff;border:#000 1px solid;}
var modes = new Array('source-atop','source-in','source-out','source-over','destination-atop','destination-in','destination-out','destination-over','lighter','copy','xor');
var i = 3;
var mode = modes[i];
function draw(){
    var ctx = document.getElementById('my_canvas').getContext('2d');
    ctx.globalAlpha = .7;
    ctx.fillStyle = 'magenta';
    ctx.fillRect(20, 20, 100, 100);
    ctx.globalCompositeOperation = mode;
    ctx.fillStyle = 'blue';
    ctx.fillRect(50, 50, 100, 100);
function changeMode(){
    i = (i==modes.length-1) ? 0 : i+1;
    mode = modes[i];
    document.getElementById('mode').innerHTML = mode;
window.onload = draw;
<canvas id="my_canvas" width="600" height="500" onclick="changeMode();draw();"></canvas>
<div id="mode">source-over</div>

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Hi Alex, when you create a string that includes a simple variable or object's property, why don't you just use double quotes instead of the more awkward method you used (below)?

echo '<p>', $count, '</p>';

is cleaner to write

echo "<p>$count</p>";

Love your tuts by the way... just perusing some of your latest here even though they're basic--you have a great way of explaining everything.
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