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I can't be the only sysadmin who's afraid to run updates on April first.  Right?

Visual Studio 2012 is punishing me for trying to install it on Windows 7. Going on reboot #12. At least they're clean, prompted reboots. I guess 6 cores and 8gb of ram just isn't enough to make it happy.

I know I'm late to the party for finding out ubuntu's next release name, but I can't believe they passed up the opportunity to name 13.04 Rocky Raccoon  or Randy Rabbit.  Raring Ringtail just isn't as cool.

I just built xv for ubuntu 12.04. 

You wish you were as cool as me.  I just know it.

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Best reddit comment I've read in awhile:

[T]he following rule will become the law: if your boot scripts use XML, you have to mail your Unix card back to Ken Thompson

Worth a read if your hard drive has ever failed.

So the Skylanders "portal" was prototyped using arduinos, hacked wiimotes, and random pieces from a hardware store. Sounds like DIY awesomeness. 

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Black connectors on a black logic board with black cables and black ends, packed into an aluminum shell in a way that would make a watchmaker proud.  Thanks Apple.  Your sense of aesthetics really makes it easy to work on these systems.


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Tired girl, post first fishing trip. She told me it was fun. The look of disappointment is because they had the wrong chocolate milk.
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