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#itsthefuture - just got my phone to do my bidding by "OK Google - skip this track" while listening to music with messy cooking hands.

Of course, this being the future, I had to say "OK Google" about 7 times before it actually heard me :(

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^.^ This guy clearly loves photographing squirrels even more than I do, plus way more skill + patience gives amazing results:

(also: birds, moose, foxes and other adorable wildlife)

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Put together a few lovely HDRs from our recent trip :)

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I spent a bit of time learning what the hell ETH and DAO are today after getting intrigued (but baffled) by this news.

Top quality drama going on. And not exactly surprising, either - "hey, lets all put 100m USD solely in the hands of an immutable blob of complex imperative code". I'm pretty stumped as to how $100m got into the fund, but maybe it's only worth that much due to value fluctuations in this cryptocurrency (which are presumably cratering right now).

If you're curious (I recommend it), I found these links pretty good to get the gist:

What is the DAO:

As for ETH itself, it's a "smart contract" platform - where instead of having contracts interpreted by lawyers, they are written in code that lives forever in a bitcoin-like blockchain (i.e. the code is law for all who choose to participate, with no reliance on human interpretation). Here's a simple example to give you the gist:

The attacker's public response (probably fake, but it makes a fun point):

And a choice quote from a month ago (

> Smart contracts should be thought of as "the Underhanded C Contest on the blockchain."

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Nys & I went to England & Scotland recently, and brought back some pixels!

I tried really hard to make this cover photo a lovely evening shot of Edinburgh Castle, but google+ insists on using this photo of me napping instead. You lot better click through, I swear there's very few pictures of me napping at all. Mostly it's squirrels, birds, mountains and castles.

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I get why an oracle executive with a lot of skin in the game would try and spread this sort of FUD, but I'm really surprised that an actual attourney would put their reputation on the line by making such a ridiculous claim:

"It is hard to see how GPL can survive such a result. In fact, it is hard to see how ownership of a copy of any software protected by copyright can survive this result."


..what could possibly go wrong?

jquery 1.12 gets released, and then everyone gets an actively misleading error about requiring a jquery version "between 1.7 and 2.1"

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Well, that's sad but also feels kind of inevitable...

(the "stillmaintained" domain is now expired, and the project definitely not maintained)

I have a problem with having created a bunch of software in the past which I'm now not all that keen on maintaining / improving, usually because I don't use it or care much about that problem these days. And I feel like that's just going to get worse as time goes on, unless I get drastic and actually delete github pages (I leave lots of old code on github because hey, it might be useful to someone).

I guess in theory there should be no expectation of any help from a github repo, but it's still effort to communicate that well when people raise issues, and also I feel like a jerk for waiting until they have a problem (and might have invested a bunch of time preparing a bug report that nobody cares about.

Can't decide whether the answer is a thicker skin (get over my desire to help people in my free time on projects I no longer enjoy or some way of better communicating this across a rather annoying number of github repos, pypi packages, etc. so that I don't have to feel like a jerk.

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So this is a $700 juicer where you buy individual $4-$10 sachets of produce for it to squeeze into a glass of juice, complete with QR code reader and always-on wifi so that it won't let you make juice if your sachet is insufficiently fresh (also if your wifi is out, or the website is down).

Oh, and the juice is better than other juice juice because of "life force" and "chi".

Words fail me.

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