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WARNING: Unintentionally long, but complete.  TL;DNR: Having serious feels about how long I've been away from Tabletop RPG. I have ideas, but need help.  Want Players that don't just want to play, but Contribute.  DMing as an Editor, not a Rules Maniac.  Using Essay as a selection process?


Went to sleep thinking on renewing my old D&D campaign.  My concerns are how little time I have to write and plan and also how much ground I need to re-establish in order to feel like I have enough quality content to share. 

One of my last thoughts was about using a bunch of mini-encounters, like Chapters, Game of Thrones style.  All in the same world, with many stories, all culminating into a larger narrative.  And, thanks to a suggestion in the comments, perhaps an occasional event gathering.  Baby steps.

This morning, I think I hit on mechanic that might launch things forward, but I need some advice.

Has anyone out there had any experience in using Essay as a form Particiapant Selection for thier own projects? Some of you I know have not only had experience, its your preferred method, but I'm casting this question out to my entire FList to catch someone I may not know about off hand.

I know once I get things going there will be a small line of people who want to play.  Honestly, at best I can manage 5 players in a single session. Back in the day I had larger tables, but I needed a Rules Lawyer dedicated to the cause. Because, I actually hate gaming rules.

Here is how I DM; imagine The Doctor running your gaming table.  That's me. I know that is a rather bold claim, but its how I see my style, so take that as you will.  Rules are fine unless they are not.  Bugger it. Its not up for debate. Take it or leave it. My favorite kind of player doesn't care THAT much and gives or takes for the sake of the story.

Anyway, back to the thoughts about Essay.  

I feel like in order to select the most dedicated (and useful) players what I would really like is to see an expression of the kind of character they'd like to run with.  Its not so much a final description of the character they'd  want to play as it would be an expression of their imagination.  Also, this allows me some room to let the players also contribute in the overall narrative, with me providing more of an Editor role.

I realise I'd be asking for a bunch of work for little initial return.  The way I see it, the players add content to assemble the scenes and I push them forward.  The more scenery, the more we can move around. Once things get going, the workload can be distributed or at least managed. 

And I haven't even decided on a Gaming System yet, though I'm still partial to D&D 3.5 (I own 4E books, just haven't worn in the spine. Don't talk to me about Pathfinder.  That system is just fine, its just not in my noggin and too much to mentally rewire; I'd rather have the Rules Lawyer at that point and then what is the point of me running things etc etc)  If that is a deal-breaker, you don't want to be at my table anyway.  I'm not saying I can't be sold on something else, but money and study time are a factor; Running 3.5Ed will get this whole idea going much faster.

I'm not asking for submissions; not yet.  What I really want to know is if that seems like a fair and equitable way to gauge interest and a bunch of other qualities.  I can't say I've thought this out much more than that.  It might have some other problems baked in.  One that comes to mind is that written stories do not necessarily equate to decent Live (as in Real Time, not LARP) Role Play.  But my personal experience is that good writers are decent thinkers and that is not a bad thing.

Also, I'm not an English Major, nor do I have the skills of one.  So, I might enjoy someones Novella, but that would not necessarily make me want to Role Play with them.  Don't think you are being graded on Writing, more like imagination potential.

So, what would I need to have for a set of parameters to even go about this?

Anyway, these are just draft thoughts I'm having, because I'm missing the Gaming Table.  I'm leaving this here for my Gamer/Writing friends to see and comment.

If you are reading this and are actually serious about following up with me, here are a couple of other considerations:

1) Much of the collaboration will need to take place online using tools like Obsidian Portal​ and Google Hangouts.

2) IF I can find enough people to sign-up. I would like to try to use for those that cannot make regular Scheduled Meet-up times.  If you do not know about Storium, go check out their Website.

3) I am open to other ideas, but I will be managing ALL this work with only one dedicated day per week, so progress will be slow, as in it may take all of 2016 JUST to setup.  This is a long term project.  Be warned.

If you read this far, you are either a stalker or you have geniune interest.  Thank you for your time.  Maybe we'll see you on the encounter board!

If Facebook is where content comes to die (an observation made by many making Internet-only assesible content), then what does that say about the pace at which the Internet moves?  At which an audience moves?

I think 'entitlement' is still a theme in this conversation.  I think building spaces for creators and audiences to meet on agreeable terms is highly overlooked. 'Just get the app' and 'join' is not cutting it.

I know too many people that 'opt out' because of the disconnect they say they expereince.

I see so many creators frustrated over a lack of audience because whatever metric they use to define success is not converting to a sustainable existance.

What is 'working' for some is not universal.  Its making new tribes.

The 'connection' is still actually virtual and, for many all around, not enough.

Where is the meeting place?  I think it lies somewhere barely explored and occasionally encountered.  It surfaces only when the storm is 'perfect'.  

But I still believe in it.

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As soon as I got home tonight to walk the pooch! #ingress #justnow 
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Such a simple acheivement. At least it's out of the way now. #ingress #justnow 

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This is a great deal!

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