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#Ingress #SITREP #AAR   After-Action Report
Tl;dr: Ingress “impossible mode” field using state legislature buildings as anchors. Designed (AND tested) to be spoof-proof.
“Absolutely the most complex op I've ever been a part of, and thus the most gratifying.”@Pinesinger

 “This was an impossible op pulled off by people who had no time to prepare in areas where it shouldn't be possible to megafield. It's a beautiful thing!”@CatrpilrQueen
“This was awesome. Glad to have been a part of something so hard and to see it go up was glorious.”@Faecat
“New York traffic is brutal!” @Ulrich2000
“We connected New England state Capitol buildings!!! We battled off spoofers!!! We made what was determined to be an impossible field!!!”@EAKenRea
“This was my first experience helping OP something outside my local area - and even though we throw multi-million mu fields on the reg, the organization and ambition of this project def made me feel like small potatoes! Great effort all around this was completely amazing” @IceQuo
Areas Fielded: NYC, New Jersey, New England
MU Count: 23,197,403
Flat Tires: 1
Law Enforcement Encounters: 7
Kayak-only targets: 1
Near-celebrity Encounters: 1
Agents who used toenails as distraction: 1
Anchors: State legislature buildings in Albany (New York State Capitol); Concord (New Hampshire State House) Hartford (Connecticut State Capitol); Montpelier (Vermont State House); Providence (Rhode Island State House); Trenton (New Jersey State House)


One day before the op, several members of our experienced Ops Intel crew said we should abort. The op was too difficult, with one lane passing right through New York City-- actually "impossible" was the word they used. But having worked with these particular state crews before (agents from CT, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI and VT) I knew that there was no chance the agents involved would allow me to cancel, even if I wanted to: from that moment on, it simply had to succeed.

This field was born of extreme pain. The overall plan (link the state capitol buildings) was agreed upon around 3 A.M. during the Orlando Stealth GoRuck, just after we completed 8,000 squats in a filthy lake ("We" ==@LuckyDragon plus fellow New England agents @Nymble @Cackalack, @EAKenRea and @smokedmonkee). Agent @pinesinger was our first recruit: she joined immediately as lead operator, and we took it from there. The idea was to do Ingress "hard mode" in the spirit of the GoRuck.

The field was also a protest against spoofing. We used easy-access anchors and had teams on site to defend. This strategy (we hoped) would be better than the "islands & lighthouses" strategy, which is always vulnerable to attack by spoofers sitting on their asses at home. OF COURSE we got spoofed anyway-- spoofers very nearly prevented us from establishing the largest (7.6 million MU) field between Albany, Providence and Trenton. But our team prevailed, and we received last-minute help from a RES agent with a sense of ethics, who helped us battle back the spoofer(s). Once established, the field could not immediately be taken down.

Finally, a shoutout to all the agents who fought really hard for this field. Their stories are below, and they are hilarious/awesome. Also shoutout to @mynja who knocked me out of retirement with Operation Fire & Ice, and therefore enabled this insanity to take place (doesn't hurt that she was also there slogging it out all night with us for Orlando Stealth GoRuck). GO ENLIGHTENED!!
CT Clearing
@SpaceTooFar(Operator) reports: "I am insanely impressed by everyone involved. You all are amazing!!"
@teejing(Operator) reports: “This was the first big op I've participated in, and I had a lot of fun watching it all unfold!”
@Darkpaisley reports: “When it was over the Hartford throw team was hanging out with the two RES agents who showed up on the steps of the capitol building. We were there for maybe 20 minutes before a police cruiser showed up. I approached the officers and told them about ingress. They laughed and told us we were setting off the alarms and had to leave. As they were driving away one of the officers gave us the hang loose sign.”
@OscarDiggs reports: “Leveled during the op. Tried a new ice cream stand while camping out to anticipate RES reaction.”
@PhotoMonty reports: “After clearing my designated area, I was directed to the Hartford anchor area to help defend. Two RES agents (UltraFastNeal and SlawLuck) were already there and waiting to take down a cluster (one already linked to Providence) if more links went up. We discussed Ingress and friendly competition for long enough to keep them distracted from the secondary anchor cluster nearby where links/fields were successfully established. The RES agents were rather annoyed when they realized that I was just a distraction.”
@beinuppity reports: “It was a hurry up & wait situation, then quick, throw those links and drive to the next target, throw, and drive to the next target to defend against hostile linking. Really got the old adrenaline pumping!”
@Sinark reports: “Our guide links were so good that I didn't have to do anything during the op!”
@Crownofthorns reports: “After crownofthorns ,joshtrue,pcorrow and emeraldscorpion took down the last portal the holiday star in norwich to clear the lane crownofthorns and dustyastrick met up after not playing ingress together in over 6 months... what an amazing view from that holiday star .... good times then we all got called to the only portal that might be a problem comakids home portal ... and met up with andi once the coast seamed clear we went to the shoe factory in downtown norwich and who starts to play comakid ... i then threw a blocker to voluntown ct to make sure the links could not be blocked for the field ... goal complete comakid gave up and two mins later we were covered in my favorite color green amazing work by all agents ... nice work”
@OvineAviation reports: “I visited the island during a break between shifts at my 2 jobs. Encountered 2 other kayakers already there.”
MA Clearing
@Nikolawannabe(Lead Operator)
@KecMagik(Operator) reports: “I am extremely proud of my team, Western MA agents really went above and beyond and were amazing to work with. They made the op run smoothly deserve a big shout out!”
@BrokkTheViking reports: "Using various contacts, slack communities and hangouts, Yao and I were able to track down agents to help clear the lane from RI to NH. Only 9 agents were involved and we were able to clear a lane across the middle of MA. We were the first to finish clearing at 9:50 and the link went up at 9:56. I didn't think it would be possible, but we did it."
@Montag74 reports: “Drove 120 miles in one night”
NH Clearing
@Pinesinger(Lead Operator) reports: “Our anchor team had a fracker farm at the state house before completing local clearing. Our last clearing teams for the Concord-montpelier lane held position alone in the woods for well over an hour waiting for the rest of the lanes to clear.”
@Kyseya reports “Two illuminator badges by NH agents, zero smurf response until about 11pm.”
@Shasolalla reports: “All stealthy like we are having our usual Friday night Snack n Hack till our ‘go’ time. As that time is closing in and we're getting ready to leave our local papa smurf, R.Butler shows up and joins us. We're quickly silencing our phones, trying to act casual and not in a rush. He joins us for a beer, we discuss upcomming xfac before I chime in with the I'm so tired.. and we're on our way.”
@Nymble reports: “While I was clearing a blocking link the godfather of NBA player Matt Bonner (who coincidentally grew up in Concord) pulled over to tell me he liked my license plate.”

NJ Clearing
@thenebo(Lead Operator)
@Catcharming reports “I was at my target portal an hour before go time. I was too nervous to just sit around doing nothing..By 10 pm when CP hit and fields didnt go up, I started thinking it's not going to happen at all. Minutes were draaaaging by.....I was amazed when the fields did finally show on map. Almost an hour after originally planned go time, it all finally did come together.BEAUTIFUL.”
@DarthPinto reports: “Pew pew”
@BoldAD reports: “Jarvised a key Res anchor 10 min to cp. Res drive by and try to ADA portal but drove away frustrated 5 min later.”
NY Clearing
@worldshaking(Lead Operator)
@Tigerfire007 reports: ““That moment when the local resistance leader comms some random nearby Res agents to take down our anchor portal, and they reply, "Tried to ada it. Did not work. There's a green meet up sitting on it. There's no way the three of us can break it." !!! Also, watching HUGE fields go up, and hearing the reported MU totals!!”
@falseloki76 reports “I found the new liquor store in the area and got to get ice cream from a dairy farm that was a blocking link portal! (I don't think anyone else would be excited by that but I'm happy)”
@Firstings reports: “walked 3 miles talking and distracting the charming Brooklyn RES @10tusDR01D”
@KhamulTheNazgul reports: “R.LotusDroid showed up and trailed us the entire time we were clearing. I distracted him with toenails (dont ask).”
@Wrider151 reports “Seeing khamulthenazgul ingressing in heels was pretty epic!”
@SimbaROAR  reports: “GreedySalmon touched my special area”
@Jaymosch reports: “Got to enjoy a beautiful sunset at the beach”
@Fatb0yslim33 reports: “I distracted a few agents from throwing up blockers as the field was going up by texting them and talking about the game lol…I still can't believe the field went up. Amazing job by everyone”
@readyready reports: “Amazing collaboration. Anyone could ask a question or raise a concern and have an impact. Keys were passed, blocks taken down, gorgeous rails built, timetables shifted, mighty P8 farms sacrificed, spills and messes dealt with. People just stepped the eff up, and the Northeast was rocked. MORE MORE MORE.”
@Ulrich2000 reports: “A turncoat smurf was throwing blockers in our lane. Luminatum and I sat on the portal he threw the starburst from and jarvised just as the Trenton / Providence link was ready to be thrown.”
@Draguignan repors: “As NY S3 was super quiet we ventured out into the field and found ourselves (bkomom and I) in Walden, NY where we decided to do a mission that only required hacks so as to be sure as to not show up on iitc intel map and alert the opposition to our presence. As soon as we finished the mission things became a bit dicey down in NY S4 so we made the 30 minute drive to help out down there and were able to be directed to and neutralize a half a dozen or so targets keeping the lane clear in that area.”
@legionarei reports: “Sitting in the dark at the most boondocks post office I've been at so far waiting for the trenton link to come up, down the windiest road ever. Just you usual rural Ingress experience :) also listening to the Albany chatter on Zello while doing the above, and seeing the impossible links go up.”
@KingDendrobites reports: “The excitement seeing the long links being thrown and very large areas being filled with green was awesome. A great sense of accomplishment- felt like all the work and effort was paying off!”
RI Clearing
@iGoTcHa(Lead Operator) reports: “The fact that there were resistance battling everyone at the anchors and that the portals stayed up for quite a while is AWESOME! Even though the South end had issues getting the layers up, WE STILL managed to get them up! :) So awesome and excited that this field went up and that I was able to help!”
@SnowWhiteofNC(Operator) reports: "Multiple agents drove from Boston to Providence to help clear with only a few hours notice. Rock stars!"
@Jemstar(Operator) reports: “This was my first experience with large-scale ops intel work. I didn't realize the scope of this operation going into it, and I found out that apparently the feeling of "OMG THIS IS COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING" was quite normal. My usual MO is to jump into things on hard mode instead of gradually working up to it, so that's fitting, I guess. Thanks again for the opportunity to help out!”
@muffyjo reports “I was wrapping up a personal event, headed back to my car and was perfectly on time to pick up LuckyDragon when I pulled away from the curb and heard "ka-thunk, ka-thunk" and thought...NO!!!!!! Immediately pulled back over, luckily was in front of @jicama's house who came out and helped me change the tire. Also lucky enough that the car I was driving actually had a spare TIRE (not a donut). Instead of me driving to pick LuckyDragon up nearby, he ran to where I was, and by the time he got there, Jicama and I had changed the tire, and then LuckyDragon and I were off to Providence!
@metropole reports: “I almost broke Adam's computer by hitting the unlock button on his bag.”
VT Clearing
@hd835(Lead Operator) reports: "This was my first out of home area op and was a great experience! The fact that the first link to go up was ri to nh along the Boston corridor was a testament to the will of Boston enl and providence enl to make this op happen. Team work at its best."
@NoHubBub“Enjoyed watching the full moon rise over the mountains while waiting for showtime.”
@Beegevt reports: “It was great to have @Dinobot in the field for once. He is usually running ops and we don't get to see his true reactions to anything. This op was extra special because Dinobot got to throw and we got to watch his full range of emotions. They were spectacular. I don't know when I've laughed so hard.”
@Earthrowl518 reports: “was covered in green 😁”
@Lillyflowers reports: “While lane clearing in Pownal, VT I discovered a RES couch-portal that was FEET from the Albany to Concord lane. Fortunately they were live deploying/charging against me when I tried to flip the portal. I thanked them for the AP and left. Realizing they might make a micro-link with another portal about a half mile away that would have blocked the lane I alerted VT Ops (@hd83). OPs put ENL agent @HappyFNday in the area and he was able to neutralize that lane blocker to get the Albany, NY to Concord, NH lane thrown.”
@saint271 reports: “A last minute (literally) friendly link that was unintentionlly blocking. I had the phone number of an agent in that town who was not affiliated with the Op, but he was able to respond quickly and ADA the blocker, allowing us to immediately link Montpelier to Concord. WIN!”

+Susanna Moyer +John Hanke +Matilde Tusberti +Andrew Krug +Anne Beuttenmüller #IngressReport +Ingress 
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Operation First Strike
Chicago Enlightened
Sunday, January 3, 2016

There's nothing like sleet and snow to get the fielder's blood pumping. After securing the overall cycle win for 2015, we decided to do get 2016 off to a good start by fielding over all of Chicago and its suburbs using our multi-multi-multi layer technique. 

We're really starting to get good at this! Keys were plentiful and exchanged easily. Agents showed up in droves and on time. Blockers melted like butter. Of the 36 layers possible, we got 31 up for the noon CT checkpoint, making it the largest ENL field I've been a part of.

My favorite part of the day was the rethrow. Our crew in South Haven was back at a local agent's house, drinking delicious cocktails. About 30 minutes after checkpoint, Resistance agents took down the field on two anchors, then left the scene. However, we had plenty of keys, and a couple of agents had missed their layers. Since the lane was clear, we sprang to action at all three anchors. South Haven agents sprinted to the end of the pier, braving the sleet and waves. We rethrew 15 more layers, covering the Windy City in a green fog. 

Here's to an Enlightened 2016!

Belvidere, IL == Pontiac, IL == South Haven, MI
61 ENL Agents from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan
MU per layer: between 4.01 and 4.08 million MU
Total layers thrown: 49
Total MU captured: about 196 million
Posted to checkpoint: 31 layers ~ 124 million MU
Onyx Illuminator badges: 18
Gold Mind Controller badge: 1

Key Master: +Deanne Gober 
Most Miles Driven: +RANDY HOJCUS drove and stayed overnight to get his blocker down!
Best Chicken and Waffles: Phoenix Street Cafe in South Haven, MI

Onyx illuminator badges: 18

Gold mind controller: 1

To join us next time, join the ChiENL Slack and ask for an invitation to our Fielding Academy. 
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#ingress   #chienl   #sitrep  
Abbadon Solidarity Field
Saturday, November 14, 2015 1200CT 
Belvidere, IL -----  Pontiac, IL ----- South Haven, MI
28 layers completed over all of Chicago
Each layer measured 4.0 million MU
Additional lake fields added 2.2 million MU
Total MU captured: about 114 million MU
Posted to checkpoint: 32 million MU

This was a really fun field that came together quickly. Since so many leaders from both teams were heading to Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and New Orleans, those of us left behind decided to 1) recharge portals to support New Orleans and 2) put up a big 'ol field to show support. 

This was also inspired by the large Resistance field that went up Tuesday night. After a day of back and forth lake fields, the big blue field that night got us fired up. +Alex Nun pinged me: "so Matt tell me we have a contingency plan for something like this because im ready lol" 

Turned out we had some keys kicking around and indeed had a plan sitting on the shelf. 

The team was assembled Wednesday, and several agents joined in the day before or morning of. Calm, steady operating by +Todd Wolcott made a big difference, as with 20 minutes to go, we ended up with more agents than blockers to take down. 

Once again, we used a mulit-anchor design on all three sides of the field, allowing us to get layers through the checkpoint even when we were under attack. Congratulations to stupidusername for cutting down more MU in one shot than both teams in our cell usually put up in a week. 

Throwers (please call out new badges in comments if I missed you!) 
Anunymous  - new onyx
CaptianPheadrus - new onyx
DisasterSkunk - new onyx
DisasterRawr - 60 million MU whoa
djortiz - new MU layer record
FeOx - new onyx
Hawk1105 - new onyx
shortyking88 - new onyx
YourFatMomma - new onyx

Lake Fielders:
bloop4bloop - new platinum

Clearing (please speak up in comments if I missed you!) 


Note to the Resistance - we burned all the keys and will never ever throw this field again, so no need to worry 😉🐸👍
ENL Operation: Solidarity
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Stay Classy Chicago - 0100 12SEP2015

#chienl #chifieldacad #sitrep #ingress

ChiENL Fielding Academy - Food, Fields and Fun™

15 layers over Chicago and suburbs
About 3.9 million MU per layer
59 million total MU captured, all made checkpoint 
Fields closed from anchors on all three sides
9 onyx illuminator badges earned
4 platinum illuminator badges earned (almost there!)
Chain O'Lakes State Park, IL <===> Braidwood, IL <===> Michigan City, IN

In a world of cheap entertainment, trash talk, and fast food, the people of Chicagoland cried out for something more. Something refined, something sophisticated, something...classy. Something like a 15-layer, multi-multi-multi anchor green field over the entire metro area, and the first green field over all of Chicago in 2015. 

The Plan <==> The People

Big fields require a lot of work, and nothing motivates like an instant   platinum or onyx badge. So, we designed the field with multiple anchors at each direction, allowing agents in all three locations to get a piece of the action. We navigated the various Hangouts and Slack channels, and built an overwhelming team. 

Also key to the plan was Chain O'Lakes State Park, a fantastic park  near the Wisconsin border. We purchased a camping spot for the night and used three anchors inside, since access is restricted after 9pm. Delicious S'mores were made. 

Clearing was done by 12:40 am. All 15 layers made checkpoint and stood until 2:15 am. 

What went well: 
* 4 operators who divided up the lanes and the communication brilliantly. 
* Clearing agents who worked so quickly, they had time to make side fields for fun
* Leaders from around Chicago and Indiana Enlightened who ran keys and made introductions
* New players who took a chance on this crazy 1am field and did amazingly well

Take a look at:
* I hope all agents currently using hangouts will consider joining our Slack group, where it is much easier to post documents, answer questions and navigate. I love you all, but recruiting in 6 different hangouts is pretty tough. 
* Let's do this again soon! 

MVP of the Operation: 
@Cubber +Charles Druyor
Shuttled keys from the park all the way to Michigan City and back. Led the campsite team. Unclear if he made the S'mores, but I wouldn't be surprised. 

@dinosaur44- Rookie of the Op


@AKiteFlier- Honorable Mention, Rookie of the Op

Lake Defense and Control

Planner and Organizer

Old Tyme Artwork

Anchorman Art
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Good looking fam.

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A highlight of my career. 

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Nice when a joke connects with the crowd...and the Governor!

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Well, this is quite an honor!
New Leaders Council
New Leaders Council

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