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Hello everyone & +Michelle NCARB +Nick NCARB +Ryan NCARB! This is my first attempt at the building layout. Please let me know how it looks!

I have some questions:
- How many windows would you need to have visual access & does it matter where it is located? I have at least one 5' window for visual access.
- If a room needs a window and it's a small/medium size room, would one 5' window suffice?
- Just so I understand the max corridor area allowed, from the NCARB example, it has to be less than 3000 SF (25% of 12000SF)

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hi everyone & +Michelle NCARB +Nick NCARB +Ryan NCARB !

This is my second attempt at the interior layout. Please let me know if you see any errors or if it looks good to go!

Side note, does anyone know about the clearances required around a work table in the lobby? If only one long side need to be accessible or does it have to be a long & short side? Not a question for this particular layout but just in general.


Hello, I have a general question about the CDS vignette. How do you know where/when the duct starts & end? It's hard for me to tell if for example, the 24" duct is with this set of joists or the other set of joists since there's no start/stop line.

I had the same question about the joists and where it stops/end. I assume that it would just go to the closest bearing wall.

I can't find any clarification on this anywhere online and this is important for the joist/duct combination calculation. 

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I haven't found a forum or a post asking this problem that I've been having. I would greatly appreciate if you can help me :)
So with some vignettes, it's not clear to me where the different joists stop and begin. For example:
- Floor 1: What type of joists does the Lobby, Security, and Corridor have? Is it the 24" or 28"? 
- Floor 2: What type of joists does the Corridor and Lobby have? 16" or 20"?

I took CDS and did really well on the multiple choice part but received a 2 on the vignette. This definitely contributed to my confusion on the calculation of the biggest joist/duct combination when it was unclear to me which type of joists made up a particular area where the duct would be. 

Thanks in advance!
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I've seen the NALSA guide to finding the largest joists & ducts combo, but I still have one question.
Say where the section cut is for the first floor, it's cutting through a 12" joist with largest 18" duct, but in another room on the same floor, the joist is 16" with largest 16" duct.

Do you accommodate for the larger joist in the background or just where the section is cut? I saw an example recently but I can't find it anymore. 
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