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Cathay Pacific Airways 國泰航空
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Sevens fans’ costumes have certainly got more creative over the past 40 years! What’s the best costume you’ve ever worn? Share below and don’t forget to visit to join in the fun! #HKSevens 
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Wonderful work... +Cathay Pacific Airways 國泰航空 !!
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The Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is back on 27-29 March! Watch our cabin crew walk through four decades of rugby fun, to celebrate 40 years of Hong Kong’s premier sporting event. Find out more about this year’s Rugby Sevens, visit 
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Kindly ask, if your office, can pursue further  my suffering through Cathay HQ in HongKong, below is my statemtent.
My name is Pakoa Louis, I am from Vanuatu, I was coming back from Bahrain on the 31 January, 2015 ( 01/02/2015) I was on flight Cathay Pacific Airways CX 746, but  on my ticket there was no information stopping over in Dubai, once touched down in Dubai, we had information, infact it was an annoucement, as we were still seating inside the plane, they announced that this flight was canceled  due to some operational problem, and they asked us to leave the plane immediately - Seriously I was traumatized,  as I can see the hostesses, flight attendants running around, without talking to us in a appropriate professional manner, we leaved, the plane, the Airport service personel lead and escorted us to a new cathay counter try to arrange for a new flight to leave Dubai as soon as possible - They failed to make me board a plane to HongKong, they provide me with  a very thin dinner at the MacDonald in the airport, it was between  6 pm to 7 pm I was stranded there for almost 10 + hours, until 12 midnight  at this counter, then they advised me that they will escort me to this Airport Hotel, we arrived at the hotel, we  waited there again  at the hotel lobby until 3 am in the morning, they even failed to advise me that there is dinner, I confused because I was 3 am in the morning, and they force me to share a room with a cannadian ( Quebec ) friend, they advised us that we should be awaked by 6 am in the morning, how ridiculous is this, to catch up with this new cathay  flight by 8 am, we went to that counter,I had no breakfast, they failed to provide for breakfast, they had informed us that we will boarding that same CX 746 flight again, and that same plane, to Hongkong, we boarded this plane, arrived in HongKong around  8:30 at night, they escort us to this Cathay counter and start issuing ticket and boarding pass, and they advised me that my original flight through Fiji is no longer possible I must board flight to sydney Australia, they issued me at 20:45 pm that board pass, by that time I arrived at the gate,  the Cathay personel at the gate informed me that I have just missed my flight, already in 9 pm, I was very frustrated as while issuing me and changing my flight through Sydney, they have already knew very well that I was alrready late, late , late, this is a very poor service, I must say, a poor customer service please, then I was arguing with a guy at the cathay counter, then he told me that they will re-schedule me back to my original flight which is  Hongkong to Fiji not sydney, then they put in this Airport hotel, it was 12 middnight in Hongkong, in the morning I had my breakfast, then skiped my lunch, as I have just realized that my luggage might gone missing, I rushed  to the cathay luggages baggages desk, ask if they can  assist me  locate it, arround 10 am they located, it arived from Dubai, then I board Fiji Airways in HongKong to Fiji, then to Vanuatu, therefore having stated and gone all these situation, I seeking a mutual compensation of USD 10,000 $;
1 )For disturbing my continue flight in CX746 Bahrain - Dubai - Hongkong
2) No providing foods etc...
3) Forcing to divert my flight from HongKong to sydney, which failed
Note: Today I am still going through medication, I was sick in Dubai because of this
Please pay to my account stated below;
National Bank of Vanuatu Ltd
Vanuatu's Own Bank
Head Office: Rue de Paris, P.O. Box 249, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Telephone: (678) 22201 - Facsimile: (678) 27227
Your personal account information are as follows:-
Account Number : 0068263004
Account Name : Mr. Marikiki Louis Pakoa
Account Address : PMB 9017, Port Vila, Vanuatu
International Trade Finance | National Bank of Vanuatu | PO Box 249, Port Vila, Vanuatu ( +678 22201 ext 906| +678 22761 ||<|>
Below, are just first contact on FB, to cathay, they said they will come back to me in 7 to 14 days.
Kindly if you can push from your end to Cathay HQ......
Kind regards, 
Pakoa LM
Contact mobile is;  00678 5365974
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Cathay Pacific Airways Dear Mr Loui,
This it to confirm that we have received your valuable feedback pertaining your recent trip with us. 
A team of experts are looking in all the details and we will revert back with our findings with 7 to 14 days. ...See More
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Pakoa Loui Indeed I was traumatissed and victimised - Please, I believe I derserve some form of monetary compensation do not ignore my suffering.......
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Some little touches enable you to enjoy a more comfortable trip. What do you think of the small item tray that keeps your essentials easily accessible? ‪#‎lifewelltravelled‬
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Very handy, &compact.great.
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"When I was fifteen I was a model in Japan and the job took me to Tokyo, Yokohama, and Singapore." Hear more about Lebo's ‪#‎lifewelltravelled‬ story at the gate.
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Happy Chinese New Year! We wish you a prosperous Year of the Goat!
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"I didn't know my city anymore. It was the place I grew up in, but I could hardly recognise it." Kan – KA908 to Beijing. Read his story here
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Dan, don't you missed me? Do you love me? Xoxo
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Have them in circles
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The action is still as exciting as it has always been in the past 40 years in the Sevens! Share your great action shots from the Sevens below, and don’t forget to visit to join in the fun! #HKSevens  
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Subject: RE: my father died last week :'(
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 10:48:40 +0000

(+62) 81932882940, just call me 10pm ind time (if you call me from hongkong)

Subject: RE: my father died last week :'(
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 11:56:45 +0000

What is your number?

Subject: RE: my father died last week :'(
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 11:09:51 +0000

Just get me a cup of coffee...I drink pepper mint tea as usual...c u soon.

Subject: RE: my father died last week :'(
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 03:27:38 +0000

Hi Mia,
I am so sorry to hear that. I can't imagine what you must be feeling.
Are you in Jakarta right now? I am sure you will get through this
because you are a strong person.
I am in Hong Kong right now working for Cathay Pacific. I will
actually be in Jakarta on the 16th for a few days to catch up with
some people from Susi Air.
Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Subject: my father died last week :'(
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 15:01:12 +0000

Hi Dan,
how are you? my father died last week. I'm so sad :'(


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"Ever since I was a kid I never wanted to miss out on anything so I've made sure that I've seen as much as possible…" Here more about Daniel's ‪#‎lifewelltravelled‬ at the gate
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We’re very proud to be the title sponsor of the International Chinese New Year Night Parade for 17 consecutive years as we welcome in the Year of the Goat!
This year, our float featured our new logo for the first time, together with elements drawn from our recently launched “Life Well Travelled” brand campaign to emphasize our ongoing commitment to providing a rewarding travel experience. Our pilots, cabin crew and ground staff accompanied the float, spreading joy and happiness to everyone in Hong Kong at this special time of the year.
Travelling well is an important part of living well – we will continue to do our best to enable a Life Well Travelled for you!
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Great Way
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Happy Chinese New Year! We wish you a prosperous Year of the Goat!
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Thank you to your attentive stewards. An enjoyable flight to London.
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Do you want a boost of energy before starting another adventure? Switch on your personal screen and find that uplifting program just for you! Here are some other products designed to help you travel well ‪#‎lifewelltravelled‬
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Cathay Pacific !
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Keeping kids entertained on a long flight can be a challenge. But we're here to help, with a great selection of games, fun packs, movies, and of course our cabin crew, who all love children. Check out how our products are designed to help you travel well ‪#‎lifewelltravelled‬
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Children must be in a specific part of the aircraft.
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An international airline based in Hong Kong, flying to over 190 destinations around the world.

Welcome to the fan page of Cathay Pacific Airways.  Flying to over 190 destinations around the world, we are dedicated to helping you live a Life Well Travelled.