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3 Day No-Sugar Challenge
Can you go without sugar for 3 days? I challenge you to try
this and see how you feel! The holidays have been fun this year, but also full of
decadent treats and sweets. My poor acne has really taken a big hit this
season! Not only have I noticed skin flare...

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To Fiber or not to Fiber? Which one is best for your Bowels?
Ever been to the doctor for bowel irregularity? Constipation or diarrhea? If so, you've probably heard a lot about fiber. Fiber is obtained primarily from foods such as grains, beans, and corn. However, most of these foods are viewed as unhealthy among the ...

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Wild Food Recipes: Yellow Dock Bread
Yellow Dock is a wonderful wild plant that has many uses. It serves as both medicine and food, and is one of my favorite herbs for many ailments. In the heat of the summer it goes to seed to spread new plants for the next season. These seeds make a decent g...

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1 minute Sunbutter in the Spice Grinder
I wanted to post a recipe showing off my what a simple spice/coffee grinder can do in the kitchen. Its been a miracle worker for me and I use it all of the time now. So I thought I would post a simple recipe for homemade roasted sunbutter to show you what i...

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Chillblains: it is NOT an INFECTION
So I was walking the other day and realized I had an itchy/burning/stiff toe. I didn't really pay it much mind because, well, it was below freezing outside. Once I warmed up inside the house however, I realized my toe was still itchy. So I removed my socks ...

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An article debunking the preparation of curry paste. This was a great tutorial! I successfully and easily made some delicious homemade green curry paste.

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Dairy Free, Thick and Creamy Broccoli Soup
A great way to re-purpose leftover broccoli! This simple recipe is designed to be adaptable for those with dairy or gluten sensitivities. Ingredients: 4 oz peeled broccoli stems 4 oz chopped onions some leftover steamed broccoli (optional) 1/4 cup oats 1/4 ...

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White Wine/Beet Vinegar reduction Kidney Beans
~ 30 min prep, 3 hours simmer, serves a LOT of people. I just munch on this throughout the whole week really. Recently I've been trying to consume more beans and fiber. Since switching to a gluten free diet I haven't been getting enough even with my increas...

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17th Centrury Sweet Potato Pie
~1hr, serves 6-8 (it tastes so good that you may not want to share it with this many people though!) This is a really wonderful pie recipe that would make a great addition to any Thanksgiving table. The dessert is not overly sweet, but the inclusion of bone...

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Case study #1
I will probably start posting case studies of herbal treatments as I gain permission. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Case study #1 Age: 26 Sex: F Symptoms: intense hormonal acne, irritability, painful heavy menses (however regular
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