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#Jaguar turns a windscreen into a giant real-life videogame complete with racing lines and 'ghost cars'. Build it immediately, Jag

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David Attenborough - Wonderful World - BBC:

i like 
mtar with silencer and variable butt ,FMJ configuration what do you think is the best configuration for it 
i saw a boot using a 75 clip on an mtar is that possible ?? 

do zombiez Party 
opa Zombie style 
and in the concert at the end of the campaign where is the zombies ??

how can zombies be so quite when they are behind you ??

hey i really hate the controller i used to play COD on PC but now am playing on PS3 can i connect a mouse and a keyboard and play directly is there is a   software attachment ??

anybody likes the MTAR i think it is great should i get more exp on it 

who killed me yesterday 
i get really pissed off when am dead XP
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