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The Police 'Encounters'
Yesterday, the Counter Terrorism Department in Punjab has claimed to kill 10-suspected Jamaatul Ahrar terrorists, including the alleged handler of the bomber who carried out the February 16 suicide attack at Lahore’s Mall Road in a terrorist encounter at 1:...

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Honour killing bill
Pakistan on Thursday passed laws to increase sentences for rapists and those who commit so-called honour killings of women, and closed a loophole that allowed many of the killers to go free Goof development. But it hurts that only about a third of the 446 l...

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Trump’s Muslim ban
  Not everyone is
perturbed by President Donald Trump's executive order to place travel
restrictions on the citizens of selected Muslim countries.   Islamists and
extremists that have long debated against the "evils" of
democracy and the US - are likely...

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Why trump is good for Pakistan
Many in west argue, Pakistan is at best a sometimes-ally when it comes to counterterrorism. But Pakistan is equally taken as an enemy, a state sponsor of terrorism, for all the right reasons, a host to anti-Afghan, anti-Indian, anti-west jihadi militants. I...

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Missing Bloggers
Five liberal activists, including poet Salman Maqsood, some of whom have posted blogs criticising the political influence of the military and speaking for the rights of religious minorities, had each gone missing separately since Jan. 4. While the disappear...

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Tayyaba and child labour
As the heart-wrenching tale of Tayyaba, the child maid, allegedly tortured in Islamabad, surfaces – it raises more questions on child labour. Many people in Pakistan would argue that if underprivileged and poor children are being given a means of supporting...

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What is with Maulana Sherani, anyways!
The latest in the series of imprudent remarks by Maulana Sherani is his comment this Sunday that the Panama Leaks were somehow a Western conspiracy aimed at destabilising Pakistani democracy and to ‘implement their nefarious designs in the country.’ This is...

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To honour love and protect: There is no honour in killing
15 years old Ambreen was dragged from her home, injected with sedatives,
strangled with ropes, tied up in a van and then burned. Her crime: Helping her
school friend flee the village to marry of her own free will. The ‘honour killing’ was ordered by a triba...

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Of Valentine’s Day and that advert
This morning, I spotted this ultimate advert at the back page of a leading daily, to my horror! Why don’t I share this amazing sense of morality with the person who decided to place this advertisement? I wish I had such wits, but unfortunately, whatever ang...

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When rape victims resort to self-immolation
  A girl, only I her late teens, self-immolated this week in Muzaffargarh
after police refused to act on her claim she was gang-raped by police. She was
rushed to a nearby hospital, but died of her injuries. Four days later, today, a woman identified as Nab...
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