G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

16. Think like an alien ... about your life.

Ok, this one is kind of fun, if not a little alarming. 

I’ll get your started ... 

Here is a report on this human unit XYZ .... 

He trades approximately 1/3 of his available life energy units so that he can surround himself with a lot of stuff. Most of this stuff makes him happy for about a week, then he needs a new fix. 

So he goes back to trade his life units for more stuff units. 

Three times in his life so far, he has acquired a large storage unit for himself and his stuff units. All three times, he had to exchange even more life force units to make that happen. With the third upgrade of storage unit, he wasn’t even happy for one week. Only worried. 

In fact, it seems like he traded so many life units for stuff units, that his life force itself has suffered. He regularly visits a man who measures all the vitals of his life units and gives him injections and pills and advice but his life force keeps going down.

We have also observed two other things about this human unit: One, he spends a lot of time in conflict with other human units, either in the physical world or in his mind. Two, he is expending so many life-units in exchange for acquiring stuff-units, that he has little time. Because he has little time, he does not create or consume food with more life-units. Instead, the food he eats takes further life-units from him instead of replenishing his life force. 

In fact, we now see that he does not even know the basics about his life force and how to maintain and increase it. After 40 years of observation, it seems he is either willfully or ignorantly following a path to destroy life force. 

He does not seem to be an anomaly, as 80% of his brethren seem to follow a similar protocol.”

But wait! That’s not you, is it?

What would the alien say about your life?
Listen and learn :)

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