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G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

25. Do this writing exercise every day.

Here's one you can start tomorrow morning ...

The writing exercise is called Morning Pages from the excellent book The Artist's Way by Julian Cameron. 

The book delves into how to reclaim your creative self (something that will serve you well for your reboot, yes?)

I highly recommend this book for exploring all kinds of way’s to jump-start your natural creativity.

But even without reading the book, you can begin right away practicing one of its most transformational processes. It’s called Morning Pages. 

Here’s what you do

Right after you wake up, when you are still in that dreamy not-quite-yet-awake stage, reach over and grab your paper journal beside your bed (they still make those, you know).

Now, write for three full pages.

Don’t do anything else before you write for three full pages. What do you write about it? It can literally be anything that crosses your mind. It can be repetitive, fragmented, bland. As Julian herself says, “There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages --they are not high art.”

This exercise acts like a purge. It doesn’t seem like it would make that big a difference. But when you do it - especially for 30 days - you will see a remarkable difference. 

But getting all the bullshit down on paper and out of your head first thing, you will go about your day feeling much freer and much more inspired.  

"Will i get fired this week? Do I really have to go to that stupid dinner party my sister invited me to? I want to move to Ecuador. I hate slugs. I feel so bad because I killed three slugs as a child by salting them. I should confess to the priest about that. Religions are stupid. I love God. Is today the day to take the laundry?"

And so on. 

Doesn’t matter. Write it down. Three pages. Every morning. Thirty days. 

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