G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

Tip 17: Go on a retreat by yourself in nature. No technology.

Man, this one sounds good, but no one does it. 

“I might need to make an emergency call, so I’ll take my cell phone ... 
I need an alarm clock so I wake up ... 
I should take a journal so I can write down all of the thoughts that come to me ...
I might as well take my computer in case I am inspired in all this nature to write the best thing ever ...”

And so on.

Now, my purpose here is not to get into a nitpick about what constitutes technology. After all, your clothes are technology. Your eyeglasses are technology. You will probably drive or take a car to your destination. You destination will probably have electricity and electric lights. 

Fine, now tell your monkey mind to shut up.

What I am recommending here is that you take some dedicated time to unplug from all your gadgets, specifically anything with a screen. Yep, that includes your Kindle. 

We are so immersed in our gadgets with screens that we don’t even realize the effect that they are having on us. 

Rather than me telling you what I think those effects are or reading scholarly books about it, simply try the experiment. 

I really recommend doing this without taking books and your journal. 

Those can be great tools in life, but for this retreat, I recommend leaving them at home. Otherwise, every time your monkey mind has that reflex to check your iPhone, you will instead start reading your book or writing in your journal. That is not what we are going for.

I also recommend you do this alone. Otherwise, you will fill the Pavlov check-your-iPhone time with talking to your partner about how great this trip is and what a great idea it was and I’m glad we’re finally doing it and ...

Go. Be. In Nature. Breathe. 

How long can you make it?

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