G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

27. Stop eating for the next  24 hours. Repeat weekly

You think I am joking. I am not.

You will not die. You will not wreck your health. In fact, just the opposite. 

This is not some fad diet. This is an approach called intermittent fasting. Meaning regular short-term fasts - in this case, lasting only 24 hours.

Most people overeat anyway. This is an easy way to cut 15% of your calories that also helps your body reset on a weekly basis. As well as a whole host of other positive changes ...

If I could make a pill where I could legitimately claim the following, I would be a $100 millionaire: 

• Decreased body fat & body weight 
• Maintenance of skeletal muscle mass 
• Decreased blood glucose levels 
• Decreased insulin levels & increased insulin sensitivity 
• Increased lipolysis & fat oxidation 
• Increased Uncoupling Protein 3 mRNA 
• Increased norepinephrine & epinephrine levels 
• Increased glucagon levels 
• Increased growth hormone levels 
• Decreased food related stress 
• Decreased chronic systemic Inflammation 
• Increased cellular cleansing 

All of the above benefits can be found in published peer-reviewed scientific studies on short-term intermittent fasting. 

24 hours is just the right period to make this practice super easy to do and still get the majority of the benefits of fasting. 

Many people have made major changes to their body composition doing nothing but this practice plus resistance weight training. 

I know it seems incredible, but I would just ask you to experiment with it. You can drink any liquids that are zero calories, but I really prefer water. 

From a Reboot perspective, not only will your body and energy change for the better, but you will find some of your most productive times come in those 24 hours of no eating. 

If you need more encouragement and science before you take action on this one, read the excellent  Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pillon (his book contains 247 footnotes to scientific studies on this topic). 


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