G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

2. Establish a morning routine.

In the last tip, we mentioned a specific tonic to start your morning. Go one step further and establish a specific morning routine.

30 minutes. First thing in the morning. Just for yourself. Before you do anything else. Don’t include email. Ever.

I recommend the following ingredients:

• Morning tonic (See Action #1)
• Sitting or standing in nature with no objective. 
• Some sort of meditation or stretching. 
• Writing down the top 3 most important things you need to do today to move closer to your dream life. 
• Start on your most important item right away. 

Other things you might consider for your morning routine: 

• Tea ritual
• Yoga
• Qigong
• Smoothie
• Write 10 things you are grateful for
• Write 10 things you have accomplished that you are proud of (a done list, instead of a to-do list)
• Do the morning pages exercise (see Item #XX ) [cross-reference]
• Walking
• Drawing
• Push-ups
• Bodyweight exercises

The possibilities are endless. But whether you do one thing or five things, do them every day, first thing in the morning without fail. 

This is your time to establish your energy template for the day.  

A couple of notes:

1. Some of think we have a morning routine or we want a better one. Consider using this opportunity to create something different than what you've been doing that connects you with what's important for driving your life. So instead of a "routine" of coffee + Flipboard + cereal, try going in nature and just sitting. 

2. The best way I know to come up with a better morning routine is to wake up obscenely early. Like 5 A.M. You'll have so much extra time, you won't necessarily start it with coffee + Flipboard + cereal. You'll have so much extra "space" that you might just sit and be. Or journal a bit. Or write your little girl a letter with a silly drawing. 

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