G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

4. Sell all of your crap.

“Whoa! You just went from me having a nice tasty smoothie to me selling all my crap!”


I told you that I wasn’t going to coddle you. That I was going to give you information that would help you reboot your life. 

And that real truth is ... you have too much crap. Way too much crap. You have no idea how much freer you will feel when you get rid of all of your crap. 

Now, minimalism, getting rid of all of your crap, and living out of one bag are all the rage with a small number of travel bloggers, but how does this apply to real life? It's one of those ideas that many people talk about, but few people do. 

But you are going to be the exception.

Because you are in the mindset to try experiments. Even an experiment as extreme as getting rid of all of your stuff can be undone. After six months, you can reacquire all of your stuff and refill your space with crap.

But I am betting you won't want to. 

The freedom you will feel from "traveling light" - both physically and psychically - will far outweigh the short-term jolt you get from acquiring new crap. 

My favorite quote that sums up all of minimalism is from +Ev Bogue, “Rent a dumpster, throw your crap in it, join the future.”

If you really want to reboot your life quickly, this is one of the best ways. When you have no crap and all of your things fit in one bag, you have space. You have time.

When you have space and time and are untethered from the old, the new can come in. New ideas. New projects. New places to live, travel, and work. 

New ways to eat. New ways to relate to the world. New people that can help you on your journey. New ways to choose to spend your money, time, and energy.

Remember, how I said some of the reboot items would be easy and some would be hard? Well, this one is a hard one for most people. 

The level of attachment you have to your stuff should be a clue that it is one thing stands in the way of your reboot. 

Good luck. Here’s the number for the dumpster company  ... 678-867-7777

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