G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

30. Go through the Ro-Hun Purification process.

You have probably never heard of the Ro-Hun Purification process. I hadn’t either before I tried it. 

But let me say this ... out of all the therapeutic and transformative techniques that I have tried (and the number is embarrassingly high), Ro-Hun was the most effective for rapidly rebooting my life at a critical juncture. 

Ro-Hun is a spiritual psychotherapy, so you will be working with a therapist who has been trained in energy work, transformational therapy, and more traditional talk therapy. 

What Ro-Hun does incredibly well is to actually shift your energy

It does this in such a way that not only can you feel the difference, but that you can even replicate the process in the future without the need of a therapist when you run into the inevitable curve balls that life will throw at you.

I have several friends that went to more traditional forms of therapy for more than ten years. Man, did they have a good understanding of their issues. They could talk to you me about them until they were blue in the face (which many times, they did and they were). 

But meeting a mental problem at the level of mental energy (analysis, understanding) is not usually sufficient to shift your life in a way that helps you break through the problematic behaviors or feelings. 

That is why energy therapy can be so valuable. Because it can offer you understanding but also help you shift the energy in the space of the session (see recommendation #23. Visit an energy healer. http://goo.gl/eq845)

One thing I love about Ro-Hun therapy is that YOU are actually the healer.

The Ro-Hun therapist is a facilitator and guide that will help you get to both the light and dark places and support you in using your light and positive qualities to bring understanding and transformations to those parts of you that are stuck.   

Here's how it works ...

• You lay on a massage table face up. You are fully clothed with a blanket over you.

• There are three sessions, generally done over a two or three day period. Each session is 2-2.5 hours.The whole Purification process is around 7-8 hours of intense transformation work.

• It is called Purification process because you are going to heal all those places within your psyche, your energy where you were wounded or came to some faulty conclusion based on fear or other negative emotion.

• The result of this process is you leave behind any sort of victim thinking and step more fully into your own energy and abilities. Victim thinking includes any form of blame such as "It's my parent's fault. It's my girlfriend's fault. It's God's fault. It's the government's fault ..." Another way to view this is that you are taking back power (energy) you handed over to others. 

• You start the process by going through a light induction like you would in hypnosis. This helps you relax and more easily access both the loving places within yourself that already knows how to bring healing as well as the dark and confused places that you are trying to transform. 

• You always start each session by getting into your loving energy. You connect with that part of you that is always already connected to the universal energy that knows how to bring healing into your life. You connect with love, harmony, and wisdom and declare your intention to bring transformation to the parts of you that are stuck.

• Once you are connected to this transformative energy, you dive into the muck within yourself to bring light to the darkness. You do this in a systematic way, beginning with womb and birth experiences. You continue working through your entire energy field until you have cleared issues related to your presence, your emotional one, your achiever, your one who cares (your heart), your expression, your vision, and your purpose. 

After the entire process is complete you are literally walking on this earth in a new energetic framework. Believe me, you can feel the difference! 

People you haven't talked to out in 15 years will call you up. Certain relationships or situations in your life will suddenly resolve and you will find yourself moving in a new and exciting direction. New people and opportunities will come into your life that you had never considered or didn't know how to make happen. In general, you will feel calmer and more powerful. More creative. More full of possibilities. More loving and a little bit lighter. 

All useful for a reboot, yes?

Ro-Hun is not the cheapest option out there, but it is one of the most powerful.

In my life, it has been one of the greatest investments I have ever made. You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. And most importantly, you will finally make the shifts you have always known are possible. 

If you are interested, here is a list of Ro-Hun therapists around the world. http://www.delphiu.com/rprofessional.htm

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