G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

28. Eat only real food for 30 days.

OK, I just told you to not eat for 24 hours, now I'm shoving food in your face ...

What to eat those other six days?

Well, Brad Pillon (who wrote the book Eat Stop Eat that I recommended in Tip #27 http://goo.gl/lsL5e) says you can eat whatever you want. So if you want to go the easy route, go with his advice. 

If you want to be even healthier, try to eat only real food for 30 days

In all of my studies and experiments with food and nutrition, my favorite advice is distilled into these seven words by Michael Pollan: 

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

We can make it even shorter by simply saying:

“_Eat Real Food_.”

Make this your mantra for the next 30 days. When you are about to put something in your mouth, ask yourself, “Is this real food?”

When you go out to eat or to the market to buy food items, ask “Is this real food?”

Catapult yourself back in time 50,000 years and ask yourself, “What would I eat?”

Definitely not anything with additives, preservatives, pesticides, and antibiotics.  

There is no reason to overcomplicate this ... Can you pick it off a tree somewhere? Does it grow in the ground? Cheez-Its Don’t. Pop-Tarts don’t. Protein Powders Don’t. 

My recommendation? For 30 days try to eat only:

• Non-GMO fruits and veggies that weren’t grown with harmful herbicides or pesticides
• Non-GMO nuts, oils, seeds, & legumes that are fresh, preferably organic 
• (Optional) Meat from animals that were ethically raised and fed from pasture or from their natural food source. Animals that were not injected with fillers, hormones, or antibiotics.

Will it cost you more to eat like this? Probably. 
Will you have to do some extra learning and reading to understand more about what you are putting into your body? Probably.
Will you have to ask some uncomfortable and possibly annoying questions at restaurants or even friends' houses? Probably. 

Is your health and life worth it? Absolutely!

Need more motivation? Check out Food, Inc. http://robertkennerfilms.com/food_inc_return.html

Eat, drink, and be healthy!

[_Note: A lot of my tips for Rebooting revolve around putting only the highest quality fuel in your body. This is because a) you will absolutely feel the difference within a month and b) if you start to study the food supply that is generally being put in front of us, it is loaded (some would say intentionally) with crap that will make you feel sick, tired, and just "not quite right." You can counteract this with awareness and action, but you have to commit to it and you have to remain vigilant on this front, as it seems like weekly there are new measures to crapify our food supply_]

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