G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

21. Write down three big dreams for your life and share them publicly

This is a fun one. 

A lot of times, we have a vague idea of some big things we want to do in life but we don’t get 100% clarity and we don’t share them publicly.

Getting 100% clarity makes it much more likely that these dreams will happen.

Sharing them publicly provides not just greater accountability but also will connect with you other people that can help you achieve your big dreams. 

Right now, decide on three big dreams you have for you life. Write them down. 

Now, go to one or all of these places and share: 

http://www.stickk.com/ - This site gets you to commit publicly to your goal and put money on the line if you don’t achieve it! You can also specify a referee who will monitor your efforts and confirm your results. 
• Email all of your family members and friends at once with your big dreams and why you are going after them and how they can help you. Be prepared to ignore any naysayers. 
• Pinterest.com - This is a great Web site for creating visual dream boards and sharing with others!
* Right here on G+ of course!
• Face ...ah, never mind :)
• On your Blog
• If you wish to attract investors and supporters to your idea:
     • Kickstarter - the most well-known crowdfunding
     • FundedByMe.com is a successful Nordic platform for crowdfunding that will soon add the element of equity crowdfunding
     • StartSomeGood.com - a kickstarter-like platform for social good initiatives globally.
     • IgnitionDeck.com - A crowdfunding plugin for WordPress.
     •Indiegogo.com - Like Kickstarter, but with a few more options.

Have fun with this! Consider being very explicit when you share about how others can help you. 

Here, I'll get us started:

1. By January 2013, I wish to be hosting in-person retreats here in Ecuador with the express purpose of providing a world-class tools and experiences to a handful of pioneers in different industries to transform themselves, their organizations, and the world. I am seeking the perfect space for these retreats (and the adventurous side excursions I plan to build into the retreat). I am open to various contributions from teachers with experience in yoga, massage, and living foods. I am also open to contributions from people that can help me get the word out about this event and make it ongoing success for me and all attendees. I am also ready and open for the first handful of pioneers that wish to attend this retreat to express interest and reserve their places.

2. By August 2012, I want to successfully launch my first electronic product that will help "wake people up" and reboot & recharge their lives. The product will build off the information I have been including in this Reboot series and include additional suggestions and experiments not covered here. I am open to people helping me promote this product and also to an awesome graphic designer that believes in this concept to make all elements of the packaging and marketing top-notch.

3. By the time I leave the planet (75 more years?), I want to have provided inspiration, motivation, and information to help 1 million people supercharge their health, energy, and lives. I am open to paid speaking events (I LOVE public speaking), interviews, collaboration opportunities, well-known and famous people to get behind and promote my work, and all kinds of other fortuitous connections to make sure this happens. 

Alright, your turn.

3 Big dreams?

Let's have a Dreamfest (But we're not just going to just talk about them, we're actually going to them, OK? That's the whole reason we are being so public about sharing and asking for help. To bring accountability and resources.)

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