G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

26. Start a mastermind group - the easy way.

We make this one harder than it has to be. We think “Mastermind” and it’s either this super expensive group from some guru OR something that you have no idea how to start.

I have a simpler idea. 

Pick ONE person you know who is growth-oriented and wants to create a fantastic life. 

Someone that has already shown evidence of moving in the that direction. Someone that is positive and full of energy and that you know would support you and who you could easily support. 

Contact them and say, “Hey, I am trying to make some positive changes. I noticed that you are too. Would you be up for meeting once a week for this next month tio help brainstorm and support each other? We can see where it goes from there.”

Meeting up once a week could be in person (best), but if your best person for this experiment lives across the country or across the world. No big deal, just meet on Google+ Hangouts or Skype.

The point is ... start small. Stop creating excuses for not having this kind of support system. 

“I don’t know of any mastermind in my area.”
“The ones I have looked at are too expensive.”
“I don’t think it would help me.”
“I don’t know where to start.”

YOU are the agent of change here. Create your own group. And start small so you can get going this month.

Here’s a super simple format for you:

• Plan to meet monthly (in person at the same place if possible).
• For each meeting bring one idea and one question (publish the idea and question in advance so the other person(s) can think about it beforehand and bring thoughtful commentary).
        • Example idea: Here’s something I think would work great for bringing more customers.
        • Example question: What is an effective way to deal with freeloaders? (people that never seem to become customers).
• After one month, ask each other these three questions:
        1. Is this working - do we want to continue?
        2. Do we need to change anything (the structure, the time, etc.)?
        3. Is there one other person we could each bring in for the next month?

If you can think of one other person each, that is four people for your Mastermind, which should be more than enough. You can expand to eight the next month if you want, but I’m a fan of keeping these sessions small and intimate. 

The key factor is trust and not holding back. You want to be able to share ALL of your ideas, results, fears, motivations, concerns and considerations, and hold nothing back. 

Consider calling or emailing that one person TODAY. “I have an idea of something cool we could do for August. Are you in?”

Let me know how it goes. 

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