G+ Exclusive Series: 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life

20. Stop gossiping and wasting time on stupid shit

The majority of people spend more time posting on Facebook than they do planning what they hope to get out of life and how they're going to do it. 

Or as +Gwen Bell  recently wrote in her living document Zeitguide: “The most common thing people do, the world over, is simultaneously drink booze and hungry ghost on their netherworld accounts.”

One of the worst uses of your time is to gossip. 

“I heard that Kim Kardashian ... “ 

Wait!  Stop, right there. You don’t even know this person! Why are you wasting even one second caring about what this person does, thinks, and says? 

Yes, I know that Kim K. is too easy of a target. So this goes for any sports figures, politicians, business heroes, and so on. 

And it goes double for people that you know in your actual life. 

“I heard that Betty ...” 

Wait! I know there are people out there that do some weird shit and sometimes passing along the juicy tidbits somehow satisfies something deep inside, but really get over it. 

You don’t know the whole situation with Betty and never will. 

If you are spending even one second of your energy regurgitating what someone else may have done, said, or thought, you would be better served using that energy to create your own life.  

Enough about gossip, because you probably don’t do that anyway.

But as for wasting time on stupid shit ... Whoa! There are so many options. 

Have you ever started with the idea that you were going to research "one quick thing" online and two and half hours later come stumbling out of your office wondering where the time went? Or what your name is? Or if you were human? I have.

Multiply that times a couple times a week, and we are talking weeks of your life every year that you could be spending more time with family, making new friends, trying something new, launch a project, solving a problem, going on new adventures

Beats making sure you’ve seen all the NCIS reruns, don’t you think?

It’s not up to me to decide what stupid things you are wasting time on, but you already know.

Write down the top 3 and stop doing them this week. Also, write down the top 3 things you are going to do instead. 

Whenever you eliminate something, you create a vacuum. Always, always, create something new and better to fill the vacuum you have created. 

So less heroin, more morning tonics.  goo.gl/Npg6o
Less "hungry ghosting", more intentional routines. goo.gl/dPZTF

And tell Kim K, I said I think she's a .... awe, never mind. 

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