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Beautiful songs with acoustic soul, intertwining voices and an electronic twist
Beautiful songs with acoustic soul, intertwining voices and an electronic twist

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So cool, we ended the third place in a regional contest. Very nice experience and a great way to get used to our new songs and instruments. We'll be recording two more originals very soon!

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Wooohooo, we made it to the finals of a regional contest!

In two weeks we'll be playing together with 10 other musicians on a nice stage in La Louvière, Belgium. Making it this far could be quite good for us since quite a few booking agents were present at the finals of this contest last year. Fingers crossed!

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We're ready to leave for our first gig, here's all the gear we're taking along and it all fits in two bags and a flight case ... pretty awesome! Feels nice to be traveling light with the +Eigenharp Alpha, our +Metric Halo audio interface, the laptop, in-ears, a microphone and a bunch of cables.
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A benefit for Jordan Reyne

Our friend Jordan Reyne needs a hand.

She's alone in a foreign country trying to get a good footing for a new life. She works damned hard, she's a bloody good musician and she's incredibly brave.

Recently she was subject to an awful series of misfortunes, finding herself without essential music gear, homeless and no place to practice or perform online.

This essentially stripped her from her livelihood and without basic funds to get started again, it's almost impossible for her to get back on her feet.

Jordan's friends are having a concert to try and help her out - and you're invited!

Your donated tips for the performances will be forwarded to Jordan's paypal account to help her find a home and recover her equipment, so she can go back to earning a living as a working musician.

Please visit the website to purchase albums or donate directly:

Enjoying these virtual live concerts is easy, first sign up to Second Life ( and then click on the following link to be teleported right in front of the stage:

This is the full schedule:

Saturday, April 7, 2012 at +Idle Rogue in Second Life

2:00am PST Pol Arida
2:30am PST Guerilla Burlesque
3:00am PST Russell Eponym
4:00am PST Mel Cheeky
5:00am PST Marvin
3:00pm PST Brendan Shoreland
4:00pm PST Lisa Brune
5:00pm PST Rara Destiny
7:00pm PST Dragonfly
8:00pm PST Loreen Aldrin
9:00pm PST PT Beardmore
10:00pm PST Lyrica Acoustic
11:00pm PST Liz Aday

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+Chris Robinson and his +Musician and Band Public Database is a great initiative, so honored to have all of you following us since we've been included. Thanks a lot!

Marvin is a brand new band, but we've already recorded one live performance of our first song "Same Place Again". To celebrate the creation of the band, we're offering you this song as a free download in exchange for your email address:

You can also find the video of this live performance on our YouTube channel:

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Here's one of the improvised concerts on Second Life that lead into turning our duo into a real band ... Marvin! :-)

If we get enough followers here on G+, we're considering starting doing Hangout concerts. Anyone interested in that?

Began working on a new original song today which is actually a reworked version of a song I started writing 10 years ago on acoustic guitar ... only this time we've rearranged it on the Eigenharp with Nathalie on vocals. Hope to totally wrap it up in the next few weeks and record it for YouTube.

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Check out the first cover we recorded, Creep is a long time favorite of us both and we've tried to capture its spirit in this acoustic version.

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Here's a recording of "Same Place Again" our first original song on the Eigenharp Alpha, played live in a small pub in Charleroi, Belgium. Hope you like it!
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