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Here is where they got the inspiration to design the new Windows 8 interface:

Google Now sta diventando invadente... ora mi dà anche il tempo per percorrere la strada fino alla yogurteria... e non è che poi ci vado così spesso. :) #googlenow   #googlenowtoldme  

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#protip : Your code can use console.time() & console.timeEnd() to mark ranges in DevTools Timeline recordings. Combine with console.timeStamp() for annotations and you have SO much profiling power.

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Useful #drupal  function to know which modules implement a specified hook:

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Which chart should you choose for your next data / analytics / brainwashing project?

Here's a very helpful guide from A. Abela.

The chooser is in four pieces: Comparison, Relationship, Distribution and Composition.

For each piece it shares a nice set of options you can use (Cyclical Data, Few or single categories, many data points vs multiple variables etc etc.)

Print it out. Stick it on your office/cubical wall. It will help.



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Interesting infographic
Excellent Insights Into Long Tail SEO - Very Effective SEO Strategy When Implemented Properly! - "...When it comes to #longtail #SEO, there are a few things you should focus on. Try finding the shortest yet still long tail SEO #keywords that are perfectly in line with what you offer on your website. It might take a bit of work to find that out, but believe me, it’s going to be worth it in the end. Many times long tail SEO returns significantly more traffic than trying to compete with the one word keywords everyone else is trying to hog." ...Read more:
#searchengineoptimization   #longtailseo   #sem   #marketing   #websites   #technology   #searchengines  

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Un minuto di raccoglimento per la morte di Google Reader.
We’ve got your RSS covered! Save your Google Reader subscriptions on Flipboard now.

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Confused about different CSS layouts? Check this site out, it teaches you the CSS fundamentals that are used today in the modern web.

From box-sizing to flexbox, explains visually 20 different CSS layout techniques. Built by +Isaac Durazo and +Greg Smith
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