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Hope without faith is hopeless
Hope without faith is hopeless

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I love the teachings of Dieter Uchtdorf:
As I studied and prepared for my Sunday morning general conference address, I discovered so much that I wanted to share. However, because of time constraints, I needed to leave a few things out. I thought perhaps I might take this opportunity to share some of these additional thoughts with you:

The premortal Council in Heaven we all participated in is an excellent demonstration of the merciful character of God. There, our Heavenly Father presented His plan for our eternal progression, which included agency, obedience, and salvation through the Atonement of Christ.

Lucifer, however, proposed a different approach. He guaranteed that all would obey—none would be lost. The only way to accomplish this would be through tyranny and force. But our loving Heavenly Father would not permit such a plan.

He valued the agency of each and every one of us. He knew that if we were to truly learn, we would make mistakes along the way. And that is why He provided a Savior, whose eternal sacrifice could cleanse us of sin and permit our entry back to the kingdom of God.

When our Father in Heaven saw that many of His beloved children were seduced by Lucifer, did He force them to follow His plan? No.

Did He intimidate or threaten those who were making that terrible choice? No.

Our all-powerful God could surely have stopped this rebellion. He could have forced His will upon the dissenters and made them comply. But instead, He allowed His children to choose for themselves.

As you face decisions and temptations each day, I plead with you to remember God is on your side. He loves you, so He allows you to make your own choices and learn as you choose. When you stumble, He wants you to rise up, try again, and become stronger. He will be with you every step of the way. He and I and many others will cheer for you. Thank you for your prayers and love!

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Faith.... Hope.... Choices
It's your choice: I know in this world we were meant to have happiness. " are, that they might have joy.." But this world is wrecked with conflict and misery. So, how is it that we can find joy? It is a choice. I could have been a bitter person. Maybe ...

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Feeling a little meloncholy today. 😔Apple blossoms might help, a little.😑🤔
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Work in progress...
I got my first job working in a restaurant when I was 14, or 15. The process confused me because over the phone the lady conducted a short interview, and helped me pronounce a few words in a language of which I was not familiar. She said I was hired. The jo...

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Click, Click, Boom!
How is it that I didn't end up being some kind of psychopathic serial killer? I was certainly primed for it! Sometimes, my rage just could not be contained. I would punch lockers, doors, walls, cars or whatever got in my way until my fists were swollen, bru...

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💥Metal heads!💥
⚡️Get ready to start BANGIN!!⚡️

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Anger, addiction and broken
I didn't like my upbringing. That's a gross understatement. I loathed my upbringing. I struggled with dealing with things that were beyond my control. Over, and over my siblings and I bore the brunt of the wrath of a tyrant. I changed from an overly sensiti...

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She says "I want to eat noodles with these sticks!"
Who am I to say no?

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The good, the bad, and the evil, Locked DOWN!
There has to be some kind of balance in life. That is the beauty of the design. How can we know joy if we have never known sorrow? How can we appreciate peace if we have never fought battles? Another design wonder is the human brain. I don't mind that I can...

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If you grew up knowing that there's no such thing as monsters, turn you eyes away now... Monsters are real! They lurk in the dark when the night air is so quiet you can practically hear your own heart beat. You just never know when they will come for you! I...
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