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Clowie's Corner
A Pyrenean Mountain Dog's perspective.
A Pyrenean Mountain Dog's perspective.


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We're in our new home

I'm having a great time exploring.

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From an attractive new key ring with a #BelgianShepherd dog.
NEW IN: #BelgianShepherd  pewter key rings with paw charms. More new designs have yet to be added to our extensive selection of pewter keyrings for dog lovers.

Have a good day all from ! :-)

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One frosty Christmas morning

A story about one of my walks.

#greatpyrenees #pyreneanmountaindog #Christmas  

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I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately!

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A beanie hat from modelled to perfection.
Thanks to a lady in #London for tweeting us this piccy of her #Greyhound wearing a new embroidered beanie hat we'd just sent! :-)

More gifts for Greyhound lovers & owners in the UK: socks, brooch pins, keyrings, tapestry cushions, bags & more via:

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What's in a Name?

Vote on the best name for a group of Pyrs!

#pyreneanmountaindog #greatpyrenees #collectivenouns  

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Loitering with Intent

The tale of a rather naughty seagull!

#greatpyrenees #pyreneanmountaindog #seagull #herringgull  

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The guests at +Olivers Dog Boarding Cornwall have fun!

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Dog brooches and pins from

Dog brooches & pins UK with optional gift box

New In: #dachshund  & #Rottweiler  brooch pins made from fine pewter, one of the Rottweiler pins already winging its way to a lady in the Rossendale Valley who has ordered from us several times! #britpack
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