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Took over an hour to get my prescription for sudafed... wtf?

Ear is fucked... was sick for the last few days, now ear ache keeping me up...

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Re-post if you haven't seen it this is great!
God bless Portland!

Ok, really not getting anything done, just reading people posts and typing smart-ass remarks to them, then being like "ahhh, that sounds like I'm being a jerk-off" so I delete them... so if I haven't replied to your post. That's why.

About to laser cut some brackets for my rear speakers out of acrylic. My sound system in my 94 subaru wagon will then be complete...

Wallet stolen... left in car... feel like dumbass... cards canceled... they bought gas at 2 texacos and went to a penny saver? More pissed they didnt just take the cards and cash and leave everything else... wtf are they gonna do with my school id, drivers licence, etc... fucking people...
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