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If you need to shake your ass to something from Lebanon, I recommend +Mashrou' Leila.

This will help... or hurt... but never harm. It'll help your craving to dance, it'll hurt your attempts to try not to... and the only time it'll harm is if you find out it's about you.

Saw them last year live in LA and I've fallen in love. Whenever I need to be in a place of solace and celebration, there they are, thriving in places I couldn't ever dream of crawling out of. If you're in a need of a source of strength, you've found one.


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This past holiday weekend, +Mike Malaska & I chose to go do a #science . This is the album that i'll be uploading the photos I took of our adventure.
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Recently went on a small #science excursion to Vasquez Rocks with +Mike Malaska

I'm still processing the photos from our geologic expedition, but I'm liking what +Google Photos has done making a small video from the pics I took from my phone.
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The Noise Came From Here

This is not a new story.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story, either.

Racism is a plague on our nation. #BlackLivesMatter is confronted with thinly veiled white supremacy proclaiming that all* lives matter, blue lives matter, non-brown lives matter.

From a young age we're taught the valor involved with peaceful protests:

The Passiveness of Gandhi.
The Resolution of Rosa Parks
The Charisma of Rev. Martin Luther King

On paper and at the lectern, these qualities are lauded as wholesome and worth of praise. However, in life experience, in all true actuality-- these acts were seen with hatred.

Women on a court glazed hardwood wear t-shirts.
You cry foul.
Citizens gather at city hall.
You cry riot.
A man sits during a song.
You cry treason.

How peaceful must we get before our cries for action against violence, against bigotry, against institutional racism... How peaceful must we get before our protests are listened to for what they are-- the pleading of a nation to look at the hands stained crimson with the blood of those made weak and powerless?

When will "I can't breathe," allow for the loosening of the noose of arms around the neck-- let alone removal of the act of it being there in the first place?

When will "All he has is a toy truck," not be responded with the concussive echoing of bullets launching from the barrel?

When will we see the decline of brown bodies being piled up after their interaction with men and women wearing badges?

Black Lives Matter. You cannot deny this. Your desperate proclamation of all INCLUDES black lives. I don't see you carrying a sign for them. I see you shouting from your rooftops behind the picket fences whitewashed with the fragility of your lack of melanin.

I see the sudden fear in realization that you no longer have carte blanche to step on the faces of black men and women, to crawl atop the shoulders of immigrants, to hate those whom you don't identify with.

We have the ability to show you your own hateful face as your radius and ulna extends to strong-arm those whom you disregard.

You have the hands of Cain.
You have forsaken your brothers and sisters.
You are who your Christ spoke out against.

We see you and we will make witness of what you've done.
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"So where is that voice from nowhere, that burning bush, that passing dove?

I hear the voices of generals calling for ammunition, presidents calling for arms, women calling for help
Where is that voice from nowhere, that god of Abraham?
Can he be heard over the gunfire, the whiz of passing missiles, the crash of buildings, the cries of children, the crack of bones, the shriek of sirens?

Or is that his mighty voice

Your angry god craving the sacrifice of early generations sons degenerate

Your holy books written in red ink on burning sands
Your prayers between rounds do no more than fasten the fate of your children to the hammered truth of your trigger
A truth that mushrooms its darkened cloud over the rest of us

So that we too bear witness to the short lived fate of a civilization that worships a male god
Your weapons are phallic, all of them

That dummy that sits on your lap is no longer a worthwhile spectacle
His shrunken pale face leaves little room for imagination
We have spotted your moving lips and have pinned the voice to its proper source

It is a source of madness
It is a source of hunger, of power
A source of weakness
A source of evil

We have exited your coliseum and are encircling your box-office, demanding our families back, our cultures back, our rituals back, our gods back, so that we may return them to their proper source

The source of life, the source of creation, our mothers womb, the great goddess
We will cut through the barbwire hangers and chastity belts
We will climb in and incubate our spirits to the winter
We will wait through the degenerate course of your repeated history

We will wait for the past to die"

Saul Williams - Bloodletting
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Melanin: noun; a unit of measurement used to inversely quantify a life's worth since white people discovered empire.
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And now for a session of "How Scott really feels."
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Who has a 3DS?

I've had one for a while now, but never got around to adding friends and the like.

Here's my friend code: 0963-2932-0474

Add me and put your friend code in the comments below! Would love to connect with you on the 3DS as well as here!

#Nintendo3DS #Nintendo #PokemonX #PokemonY #Pokemon #Zelda #SuperSmashBros #3DS
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On my relative silence as of late

As many of you have noticed, the Hubble Hangouts have not been occurring every Thursday as they've been over the past few years. I've received many messages about it and have not been ignoring you all... just trying to figure out my next steps. Here I hope to explain a little of what's been going on.

Due to matters out of my control and WELL above my pay grade, the Hubble Hangouts have been postponed indefinitely by the powers that be beyond those of us who actually produce, host and create the weekly show. I cannot speak for everyone involved, though it's very possible they mirror my feelings, but it's quite sad and frustrating that we're not performing that we've been over the years. I really miss sharing science, humor and ground-breaking discoveries from the +Hubble Space Telescope and many other instruments that brilliant scientists use.

Needless to say, this has been an enormous source of stress in my life. Add this to the depression and anxiety that I already struggle with and it just makes things a real bummer overall. I've been extremely fortunate to have sources of strength and support while I figure out what's going on, but I felt the need to reach out to all of you and provide a bit of insight as to why I haven't been all that active online or with science communication that I typically am.

With my primary source of income being "delayed" indefinitely, I'm feverishly searching for work elsewhere. I'm also considering going back to creating my own work/blogs/videos but completely unsure of the desire to see/support that sort of endeavor (through Patreon or the like). Trying to keep my options open at this point.

If any of you are aware of opportunities that would be welcoming to someone like me to provide educational outreach and science communication through many forms of media, please let me know! I will science for food/rent!! haha.

As I mentioned earlier and as I've alluded to in the past, I do live with clinical depression and general/acute anxiety. It's something that I've been doing a fairly good job at keeping under control with the thanks to my amazing therapist, medications, wonderful friends and of course self-care (VERY IMPORTANT). When things get overwhelming, I tend to isolate because I can't really handle much more than what my situation is giving me. Please don't take any offense if you haven't been able to reach me via social media or email or phone or what have you. It's definitely not personal and I do try to touch base when my energy allows.

Thank you all for reading/listening as well as reaching out and showing your support over the years. I love you all and can't wait to get back in the saddle of sharing the wonders of the Universe with you all!!
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