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Taj Taylor
happy, smiley, hardworking, solar, green, awesome
happy, smiley, hardworking, solar, green, awesome

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Amazing Sketch of the Human
wow! I can't stop listening to this.
Björk has collaborated with biomedical animator Drew Berry to create a partly-scientific representation of the haunting song.

The video for the song could be a documentary of a strange alien world or the beginning of life on Earth. Every frame is bursting with hyperactive life. It's an odd feeling, watching DNA strands twist and form as small bits of proteins scurry around in the background. This is the unceasing chaos that is going on inside every one of us. The video could be a piece of a museum explaining our biological process were it not for the strange molecular face that appears near the end. That little addition adds a touch of mysticism to the piece and puts a small bit of humanity in a universe of mindless chemical processes.

#björk #eargasmic

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Post has attachment A new battery will soon exist in production which will be cheaper than current technology and work for large scale systems such as wind turbine farms and solar farms.

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A list of ideas and they are Free:

For the blind: small bags of beeping intelligent sensors, optional music tracks available. They stick to anything and leave no residue.

Electric Car: capacitors grab energy quickly from wireless power transformers along the road.

Weather Maps: Visual display of weather radar for the future projected on present, using simple overlay and some form of game engine. This would allow you to see where rain and stuff was going to come through. Point your camera any direction and reach into the future. Android, i phone, etc.

Augment Friends: Do you have ugly friends, look through your camera and see the better reality, everyone gets a 3D super model figure overlayed. AG software tracks movement and maps body lines to configure the model.

Dorkify: Same thing as Augment Friend, but makes them wear glasses or mustaches etc. Many iterations of this idea could persist.

Phone Necklace; Simple Click and your phone is with you. Tucks beneath your shirt or jacket. So long phone stuck in tight pants syndrome.
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