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For all lovers of photos showing off Depth of Field - #DOFMonday
For all lovers of photos showing off Depth of Field - #DOFMonday


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Awesome work by +Tiina Niskanen 

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Evening bells

I searched for some music to go with the shot and liked the singer's voice here :)

Evening bell by Sheila Ryan

#DailyDepthOfField  +Daily Depth Of Field curated by +Vince Ong , +Nuraini Ghaifullah , +Virgil Cowen and +f.a. fiebig 
#DOFMonday +DOFMonday  curated by +Mara Acoma , +Mark Hall , +Alan Gurling and +Nigel Smith    
+i ♥. bokeh curated by +Nithya Ramanujam  
#MagicOfLight  +The Magic of Light curated by +Ray Bilcliff , +Hamid Dastmalchi and +Paul Stein    
#Pentax #PentaxK100 #bokeh #bokehphotography #DOF #CreativeCommons 

Photo: Evening bells. Villa Elfvik, Espoo, Finland 21.7.2013
(Edited with Picasa's Creative Kit: Cropping, exposure, colours & watermark)
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Beautiful words and image from +John Dunne 

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The exquisite promise that something beautiful is about to emerge, if it is just held long enough within a delicate embrace; all that is needed is a little patience and to believe ~ me

A little presumptuous of me perhaps but as I was unable to find a famous quote that fit this image I thought I would write something of my own.

This rose has hinted at something wonderful for quite some time but has never flowered for me before. But I had patience and waited. I lavished it with attention, tended it with care and love; and now at last it is beginning to blossom. I knew enough about this rose to recognise it is a true, if delicate beauty and when I saw it's first bud emerge on Saturday I could not help myself I knew I had to capture the moment. 

And this morning I arose to see it in full bloom and realised that all my hard work was worth it, it did not disappoint me, how could it. While fragile, and will still need lots of care and attention it has a delicate beauty that is really quite breathtaking.

This is my first time taking part in #macromonday +Macro Monday curated by +Kerry Murphy , +Jennifer Eden & +Kelli Seeger Kim so I hope this is appropriate material for the theme?

I wish you all a very happy and safe week ahead. And always remember, no matter what happens; please REMAIN CALM :-)

#DOFMonday +DOFMonday curated by +Mara Acoma , +Mark Hall , +Alan Gurling , +Nigel Smith
#MonochromeArtyClub +Monochrome Arty Club curated by +JR Snyder Jr , +JR Snyder Jr , +June Penn , +Seth Mayer and +Steve Tang
#MonochromeMonday +Monochrome Monday curated by +Charles Lupica , +Hans Berendsen , +Jerry Johnson , +Manuel Votta , +Steve Barge
#hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers curated by +Carina Marsh
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Colors In The Forrest

Kamera/Camera: Pentax K7
Objektiv/Lens: Sigma 17-70mm 1:2.8-4.5
17mm, 1/20, f/4.5, ISO 200

Nachbearbeitung/Postprocessing: Camera RAW & Photoshop CS6 with Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch

#Fotoamateur  & #Bildkritik  for +Fotoamateur curated by +Remo Primatesta +Markus Landsmann +Karsten Meyer & +Scotti van Palm 

#10000photographersaroundtheworld  for +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World curated by +Robert SKREINER 

#HQSPArt  & #HQSPPromotion  for +HQSP Art & +HQSPPromotion curated by +Rinus Bakker +Carina Marsh +Marina Versaci +Syuzanna Avetisyan +Thierry Raemaekers +Tammy Boldt & +Mukundh B 

#PixelWorld  for +PixelWorld 

#AbstractArt  for +AbstractArtMonday curated by +Charles Lupica & +Marilyn Fenn 

#DOFMonday  for +DOFMonday curated by +Mara Acoma +Mark Hall +Alan Gurling & +Nigel Smith 

#LeadingLinesMonday  for +Leading Lines Monday curated by +Pam Chalkley-Boling +Michael Stuart +Elle Rogers +David Murphy +Simos Xenakis & +Andreas Levi 

#MonochromeMonday  for +Monochrome Monday curated by +Charles Lupica +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta & +Steve Barge 

#MonochromeArtyClub  for +Monochrome Arty Club 

#NatureMonday  for +NatureMonday curated by +Rolf Hicker & +Jen Baptist 

#CameraIndie  for +CameraIndie curated by +Alexius Jørgensen +Marcel André Levasseur +PasKale Monnom & +Richard Mabb 

#ColorSplash  for +Color Splash Photography curated by +Scott Roth 

#LightBender  for +Light Benders curated by +suzanne clements 

#NaturePhotography  for +NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY 

#Photografia  for +Photografia curated by +Heidi Frostmo 

#photoshopart   #forrest   #pentax  
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Fantastic work by +Andreas Levi just awesome!
the lizard

Happy Monday G+!
I hope you had a great weekend and a cool start in a new sucessful week?!
This is an image from a new area of photography for me (therefore an fresh album) , but hope you like it too.

#breakfastclub  , by +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Breakfast Club 
#dofmonday  , by +Mara Acoma +Mark Hall +Alan Gurling  +Nigel Smith +DOFMonday 
#monochromemonday   #macromonday   #naturemonday #hqsppromotion   #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #fotoamateur  
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A very beautiful image by +Milena Ilieva love the monochrome tones and exquisite DOF.
...contrast beauty...

Happy Monday! 

I hope your weekend was great and the new week will be even better :)))

My contribution to  #dofmonday +DOFMonday by +Helena Martins, +Mara Acoma and +Lynda Bowyer;
#monochromemonday +Monochrome Monday by +Charles Lupica, +Hans Berendsen, +Jerry Johnson and +Manuel Votta;
+Breakfast Club  #breakfastclub  by +Gemma Costa and +Andrea Martinez;
View large image and more works from my Monochrome Floral Collection:!i=2092511974&k=K9xK7Qk
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