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This is.....just....Wonderful

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Soo cool
Added some new #wallpapers  to my collection (130)
+1 and Share please!
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Awesome wallpapers
Added some more #wallpapers to my collection:
#materialdesign   #blackandwhite   #sunset   #android   #lollipop  

Found them all over +Google+ lately, haven't written down all the names so: Proper Credits to those who Design, Share these walls.

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Today is cloudy with a little rain so decided to take some pictures and show you guys
The first three are original the later are modified

(Nexus 5 Google camera)
(Modified by Snapseed)
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Great new idea for app locking i liked it so much

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xD so hilarious
The 5.0 OTA is expected today and I'll be all like...
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Is it only me or google really remaking everything?

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Will not have internet access for a while and finals are coming.

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I suggest that the Google now like activation of the app shouldn't be active if notification drawer is pulled down because sometimes it prevents the drawer from closing it is not big deal but it is not comfortable (for me i got used to it but others may not like it in the future)

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My tirp to the Beach with friends
It was fun
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