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Hmm, add Ada programmers to the list of people who get overly cranky.

What is it about working on open source GPU code that turns people into cranky assholes?

Watching the last episode of season eight of Dr. Who with my wife. It stikes me that a better title for this episode would be "Have a cigar." No? +Steve Huston

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What have I been 3D printing? Doll clothes hangers. Lots of pretty doll clothes hangars. I hope there's a bunch of really happy little girls this Valentines day. Things fathers do for their kids. :)
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+Kent VanderVelden​. Printing circuits!

Some people seem to think that leadership starts with "der". Derrrrrrr......

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I bent these from straight headers, but I would like to buy them already made. Anyone know where to look? 
BluePill Headers
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Well, +Newegg completely screwed up my most recent order. Something in there system chose the wrong address for billing and shipping to one of the alternate addresses I have with them. So, my wife's new tablet is on its way to my parents. Neither Newegg, the seller, nor UPS are able to change the delivery address. So, I get to pay double for shipping due to thier glitch.

The part that completely floors me is that the invoice show that they have the billing address set to my parents address. How did Visa ever authorize that?

In the many years I've been using Newegg, I've never had them fail this badly. As a matter of fact, I've been very happy with their performance--until now.

+Nathan K. I encountered something funny yesterday. I recently got a Le Eco LE 3 phone. I also got a Benson approved Monoprice USB A<>C cable (USB 2 speeds). With a little current/voltage monitoring dongle, I've been testing how fast it charges from various sources. (Answer just fine. Just under 1.5A for most high current supporting supplies and just under 1A for others.)

The funny thing was when I tested it with an Anker Astro E5 (15000mAh). It would start charging at a low current (explained later) and when the screen shut off, it would turn off, charging would stop, and then it would start charging again (which turns the screen back on) and the process would repeat. No effective charging really took place. Any ideas what's going on? I could sacrifice an A->A cable to make up a monitoring harness and hook up a scope if it would help diagnose it.

The phone does something strange (to me at least). When charging starts, the screen turns on (that's normal), but it won't charge at a high rate until the screen turns back off. That's not normal--at least to my limited experience.

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Hillary: "Name one thing I changed due to Wall Street Money." Elizabeth Warren: "OK, allow me."
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