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One Quality that Can Make You Rich
Most of us want to get rich. Yet most won’t. Though there are many factors that determine whether you become rich or poor, one factor stands out for its simplicity: simplicity itself. Those who are simple have an edge over others when it comes to getting ri...

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How to Be Greedy in the Stock Market and Still Win
Recently while I was talking to a colleague about a
promising stock, he told me the story of the greedy dog. Once upon a time a dog
was passing through a narrow bridge over a stream. He had a bone in his mouth.
As he looked down, he saw his own image in the...

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Silly Things People Say about Money #2
When a person told me this, I first felt that she was kidding me: “I want to get into debt so that I can build a good credit history.” Later I realized that she was indeed serious. I got to hear a similar thing from a couple of more people. I was astonished...

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How to Get Successful at Almost Anything (Including Investing)
Everybody wants to get successful, yet so
few succeed in this pursuit. The conventional way of thinking is to first
define what success means to you. Whatever it means to you, you can’t get it
till you persist. This sounds rather obvious, yet the underlying...

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The Idea No Entrepreneur Can Afford to Ignore
Experts have already started writing the obituary of Indian e-commerce companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal. They say that these companies have survived so far due to the access to venture capital. These companies don’t make profits and burn their capital a...

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Silly Things People Say about Money #1
Money is an interesting subject. Whether you like this
subject or you hate it, you will inevitably be affected by it. What makes the
subject of money interesting is the wide variety of views people have on it.
Many of these views are not just amusing but al...

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Why the “Technologically Backward” Will Be Rich
Big leaps in technology have resulted in many of us feeling inadequate if we aren’t an active user of it. But the technologically backward have an inherent edge over the technologically advanced: they will become rich. How? Just by not chasing the latest fa...

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How to Tell if You Can Be an Entrepreneur
You know you can be an entrepreneur. You have plans, and at
some point in time you want to start your business. Currently, you are working
for your employer, but you are sure that this will go on for just four-five
years and then you will be out on your own...

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The Only Prediction for 2017 You Will Need
It’s that time of the year again. With the start
of the new year, financial pundits have taken out their crystal balls
and magnifying glasses and are queuing up to give their predictions
for 2017 and analysis of 2016. The media have found a lot of content

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How to Get Rid of Demonetization Pains
Standing in long queues in front of banks seems to have become a full-time profession. People wake up early in the morning, get ready, pack their lunch boxes, and stand in bank queues to withdraw cash. With many employees receiving their salaries, normal sn...
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