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Hollow Wood Surfboard builders

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Boards for Grand Kids
More to follow.

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Raffle Tickets for Rising Sun
Tickets can be purchased from OIB Java and Surf, Ocean Isle Beach 1 ticket for 5 3 tickets for $10 7 tickets for $20 Winner will be drawn on September 8, at this years Chris Crocker Memorial Surf-fest. Any questions, send me an email: BlindDogSurfboards@yah...

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Rules of Surfing.

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Tropical Storm/Hurricane Andrew @ Sunset Beach, NC July 3, 2014
Awesome surf today. Set waves good 10' and thick. Strong off-shore wind blowing tops of any wave higher than waist high. I couldn't make it down, even if I did, probably would not have gone out, just too much for me, but Tom Allen (Blind Dog Surfboards and ...

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Something for my Grandkids.
I don't know about you, but I have just a few things that my Grandfather touched, nothing from my Grandmother. I guess that was the way back then. When we helped my mother move to her new NW assisted living place, us brothers and sister got together and had...

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7'6" Rising Sun Fish
This is for Chris Crocker Surffest in October. It will be raffled off to help support Chris Crocker's family. Chris suddenly died few years ago and every year since this surffest has been held in his honor. Chris was the kind of guy that if you called him a...

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6'0" Swallow Tail World's First With QR Coding
Board owner wanted a copy of his foam short board. Told him w/o his old
board this was going to be difficult at best. He send very accurate
drawings and profiles from three ribs. The drawing was perfect as were
the ribs. I was able to draft out on shop f...

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6'0" Swallow Tail
This board has been a challenge. I needed 4.75" nose rocker in the span of about 20". As much as Cedar likes to bend...not that easy. More pictures forthcoming.

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Rising Sun
Local surfer and awesome photographer Chris Johnson borrowed Jeff's Rising Sun board before being shipped off to Jeff's cabin in Minnesota next month.   Kind of wish we could surf it first but be my luck something nasty would happen to this board.  If you a...

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Tom Allen
AKA Blind Dog shaper took first place this past weekend at Ocean Isle Beach Surf Fest contest. Using his Blind Dog long board nose rider (foam version)  "Nice nose ride and couple of head stands" later he did well. Nice trophy Tom!
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