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Strawberry-Watermelon-Mint Smoothie
I've got a new obsession: smoothies! Okay, you may love at me now, but I've never been the kind of person that drinks her calories - I drink my coffee black (most times) and am not the biggest fans of either juices or shakes or soft drinks. Not that I would...

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Pear, Dried Fig and Dark Chocolate Muffins
Uuuuupps - today I have yet another Muffin recipe for you. But hey, one can't have enough muffin recipes right? Especially when we talk about some with pears, dried figs and dark chocolate plus they use whole wheat flour - no more questions! Seriously, this...

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Chocolate and Coconut Cream Muffins
I've graduated school - whohoooo!! Oh, my, it's almost unbelievable how anxiously, happy, sad andexcited I've actually waited for this sentence to be written down ;-). 12 years of achievement or failure, of late night studies and early pre-exam mornings, of...

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Strawberry & Poppy Seed Upside Down Cake
What attracts one to a certain food? The smell, the appearance, the texture? The answers can be as different as it gets. For me one main player in this field is the story behind the dish. Plain prosciutto is great, but what about the one were you know every...

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Lemon Crumb Loaf
When life gives you lemons make lemon cake. Doesn't it says like that? Not that I don't like lemons - I actually enjoyed eating the tangy fruit flesh since being a kid ;-). But life indeed seemed to have been a little mad 'round here. First we had to return...

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Yogurt Parfait
Yogurt Parfait for breakfast has been my number one survival meal the past couple of days. Returning from a wonderful summer vacation is hard, but returning to super humid weather which almost isn't that hot yet you already seem to drip in sweat only by wal...

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Iced Coffee
Summer, Sun, 30 °C and homemade Iced Coffee sounds like a legit combination, doesn't it? Coffee is an essential drink for me, I like the slow weekend routine of brewing up a morning cup or cooking the espresso for a fresh latte macchiato on the stovetop, th...

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 I am providing you with an oldie but goldie today: a northern german speciality - Franzbroetchen! Usually they consist of a super soft yeasted dough, filled up with cinnamon sugar and rolled into the characteristic shape. A little similar to cinnamon rolls...

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Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake Bars
Aand here it is - mother's day! Known as the one day where everyone magically turns into a baker, trying to mix up something delicious for the one and only number one in our world: mom! I've always loved the preperations for this special occasion and can re...

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Berrylicious Buttermilk Cake
Hey guys, let's meet the "BBC" (no, not the channel, 'cause this is a food blog after all, even if their recipe section might be well worth a check..) but I am actually talking about this beauty: A Berrylicious Buttermilk Cake! It's a super soft, melt in yo...
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