Every night on Minecraft was pleasant and surprising. Since Mattie and I missed the server party on the 25th, we decided that we wanted to visit the village and trade with villagers as well. With Maha’s help, we warped to the villagers. Mattie traded happily but I was right there, totally surprised to have found a big sign " BardRose’s House." It's another one of many houses Rose built. “Wow, Rose, how many houses did you build? This is the fifth one that I found in three weeks!” Yes, I’m only three weeks old in Minecraft, so I am quite surprised. Later we found out it was the old 2016 Evo town. After Vance and Rose have joined us, we began our adventure back to the 2017 Evo town by rail. By RAIL!!! How cool was that!!! This was my first! :)

Mattie and I laughed our butts off when our carts bumped into each other’s and went for the opposite direction. Mattie found this amusing. He would intentionally bump into my cart so that I could not arrive at the station but go backwards unwillingly. The screaming and not knowing what to do, not being able to stop my own cart from moving backwards were what he found amusing!!!!! (Well, it was funny. I won’t deny it.) Rose and Vance were really patient with us fooling around. There’s this one time Rose decided that we go on foot on the rails. She went first, I second, followed by Mattie. Well, Mattie didn’t want to go last, so he ran past me and I fell into the water drowning. Mattie laughed at my clumsiness and he couldn’t stop laughing when I scream. He would help me hold the space bar to resurface to save me but that wouldn’t stop him from wanting to see me fall again.

Anyways, like what Vance wrote about our adventure, it was an unforgettable evening learning about the railing system and minecarts. I was really glad that Rose was there to teach us. Riding the minecarts is like going on rollercoaster rides. I didn’t know where the minecarts would take me or if I would arrive safely but the scenery on the way was fascinating! A railway system that connects the old town EVO2016 with our EVO 2017 is just WOW!
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