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Need some generic printable maps or floor plans of houses / fortresses / catherdrals / etc... anyone know where I can find them?

Recently I posted on some ideas to spice up the atmosphere for the PC's. Here are a few things I've done... 

- Created an interactive Powerpoint with sounds & Music (Its important to taylor this to major events that the PC's experience - keeps from bouncing around from slide to slide.) Don't go wild just a half dozen slides.... with images (some for laughs) really makes it even more enjoyable. I've gotten people who said they'd never play DND asking when the next adventure is... pretty awesome.

- Ordered wall clings and plastic torches (with fake LED fire) and inflatable weapons for the players... makes for an interesting interactions.

- Vials for potions (usually use seltzer with food coloring) makes for a pretty cool treasure find when you can actually hand them the potions they find on that orc chieftain they just slayed. The bubbles from the seltzer is just an added detail... that actually brought even more questions of "What did you put in this?"

Just thought I'd share some ideas. Currently in the Forgotten Realms - Converted the original 1st Edition Sword of the Dales Trilogy to 2nd Edition.

Does anyone have any simple ideas for game night props... right now I've come up with a staff, sword, and drinkable potions in viles (with food coloring). I'm looking for new ideas to present during the gaming session. I've even made a scroll case (well my wife did). Doing the same thing gets tiring for the PC's.
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