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I already started changing the world for the better. I'm not done yet, are you?
I already started changing the world for the better. I'm not done yet, are you?


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One of the sweetest music sets and settings was listening to Ayla sing live early morning in deep Playa at Burning Man... listen for yourself and you can almost be there, my life bound friend. Burn on!

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Quick Wit: 
A bear walks south for one kilometer, then it walks west for one kilometer, then it walks north for one kilometer and ends up at the same point from which it started. What color was the bear?

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Well the gang's all here--Kevin, Sara--and Hello Paul.  

I guess us aging veterans still grapple with the 100 year old and counting legacy of why innovation just doesn't spontaneously combust across charity and philanthropy.  I'll offer, we might all agree, the observation that philanthropy is not a commercial market, but a third-party payer system, just like government, except with more happy-faced civic engagement and less used car salespeople holding office.  

Philanthropy professionals also inherit the winds of fiduciary compliance, just like government grant makers, where funding frameworks invert common sense and instead of bringing collaborative partners in close and sharing information, one has to keep arms length and communicate hopes and intentions through RFIs and generic applications...worse, instead of a mandate to double down all bets on high performers to reach a tipping point in effectiveness of outcomes, foundations feel a greater civic duty to their non-profits to disinvest from any high performers and instead share the annual largesse across those needy organizations that underperform on their good intentions--equitably spreading dissatisfaction to all.  

Blah.  But I am more hopeful than this landscape suggests, and also believe you all might agree there are three intermingled dispositions fast aligning themselves across this landscape:

Impact Investors 

They're not mutually exclusive either.  Question is, what are the key behaviors of high performance anyone could wield beneath these key dispositions?  And there has been some great innovations along those lines...

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Simple, elegant and innovative... nice to see NASA back on its game.

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At McCombs School of Business to give the Net Impact Business for Good Summit keynote address w/ great students, faculty, staff! 

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+Robert Bingham  Hey Big Bob, you stud Paleo non-muffin eater you!  Best wishes for a fun ride (plus keeping your tackle intacto).

How about posting some pics of your ironman body (tackle in) before the coming thousand + miles of coastal pedaling... it'd be great to show off what modern day hunter gatherer eating can build.  Plus it will be interesting to see the after pics.  Brawny is as brawny does...

I'm presuming you're going to Paleo pedal there and back again, right?

I'll probably hit that link to buy you a beer somewhere along the way... bottle conditioned if possible, or some Blue Bottle coffee with some grass-fed butter once you get to SF.

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