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Got a alu sumpod 3d printer today. Thinking of building a entire humanoid robot based on inmoov. Will talk with my new boss after the holidays. We might have it as a in-house project. Have several co-workes that are very intrested. We are consultants and works with mechanics and embedded systems. Most of us have a masters degree in robotics so it would be a nice project for us :)
+gael langevin I will do some project planning during the weekend, how many kg of plastic do you think we will need? do you use PLA or ABS? 3mm or 1.75mm ?
+Anton Fosselius ABS, 3mm filament. The robot weighs at the moment without servos, bolts or anyother  thing, 4.280Kg
Its amazing. the build quality and aesthetic looks are pretty good..
 I have a suggestion, the motors are much noisy, it would be pretty good to change  the motors to  some high quality servos like Dynamixel in the next upgrade. 
Gael, simply brilliant!  Hope to follow the progress as you move forward.
+achu wilson Thanks for the info, those servos must really high quality for that price. I never could have afford a project so expensive to start with. Now that behing said, they could be pretty good for the legs and spin.
LUV this! Do you know about the juried 3D printing art show coordinated by the Maine FabLab?  Already have a few entries from France!
Great project. I am definatly a fan. I saw a site 
Which shows some intresting approaches to measuring tendon length and force which I thought might be used to provide force feedback. All the best Adrian. 
Thanks for the link and your comment.
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