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edit: only March is my photo :)
This arrived this morning! I've got Paddy's Day, Mother's Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Otherwise known as drinking, chocolate, drinking and more chocolate. Pictures feature my left thumb. Look at it there.

From the GoIreland photography competition from last year. Roll on 2013 :)
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Thanks +James Slevin the calendar was supposed to be out this year but it didn't work out so I'd forgotten about it. Nice surprise this morning :)

3 pictures from Donegal. In fairness it is the best county haha
congrats +Layla Kuyper ! Might I ask where exactly to find this arch you photographed? Is it the one near Portsalon in Donegal? Just asking because I'll be on a trip through Northern Ireland and Donegal this July and your photo looks awesome!
Thanks +Michael Breitung it certainly is. It's called the Great Pollet Arch :) you gonna head up to Fanad lighthouse too? Where else are you going? I'm from Donegal. Hope you have a great time!
Well done +Layla Kuyper . Great photos! You'll never run out of things to photograph in this beautiful country :)
+Layla Kuyper My list for Donegal so far is: Fanad Lighthouse, Great Pollet Arch, Murder Hole, Errigal (maybe you can recommend some iconic view here) , Bloody Foreland, shipwreck near Dungloe, Slieve League and Muckros head. I hope I have the best parts together with this, it's just 4 days in donegal unfortunately
There are an estimated 459,000 hits on Google for the question "why does my left thumb keep twitching?"..... :)))
Great stuff Layla! Donegal is the best but you threw in Wicklow and Dublin as a bonus. I like that - you're an equal opportunities photographer ;)
Damn I should have specified that only March is my picture. The other guys are cool too though.:D

Thanks +Allen Corlett +Sumit Sen +Peter Carroll & +Andrew Sowerby

Also thanks Sumit, good to know haha

+Michael Breitung That's actually a really good selection! I always recommend people check out Slieve League. Fingers crossed you get the weather. I used to play at the Murder Hole when I was a kid :) Also for Errigal if you go to Dunlewey you'll see across the lake that there's a waterfall, it's possible to get the waterfall and mountain in one shot. There's also lots of small roads that go up close to it so you can get it from the pointy angle!

Here's an example but the conditions weren't what I wanted and you can't even see the tip.. ahhhh well
Ah I see, well March looks awesome so that's OK then :)

Slieve League blew my tiny mind. Do not miss it +Michael Breitung !
Congats, looks like a nice calendar. You could have given your thumb a fresh coat of paint for the picture! :D
That's cool Layla. What did you win btw?
Woo Hoo!! (and you always manage to make me laugh - I am now in hopefully in love with your left thumb) :D
Ah, ok. I must admit to this being a pet peeve of mine. So while this is organised by GoIreland it is in fact backed by a commercial company (The Hinde Group) who will sell these calendars worldwide. At say a small distribution of 20,000 at €15 each thats a revenue of €300,000 with probably a 25%+ margin. And they offer what, immortality?

I also cannot find anything on the rules of the competition. However I'm going to guess that the Hinde group now have perpetual rights to your images and can reproduce it however they like for whatever they like whenever they like.

Apologies I do mean congratulations when I say it but as photographers whether it is professional or amateur we do need to consider when commercial entities are taking advantage of us for their own profit gains.
+John Dunne I know yeah, I found out I won over a year ago and it was many months before that that I entered. It was supposed to be a 2012 calendar but they went into examinership. At the time I just entered a few competitions for the craic. I've only been doing this for just over 2 years so it was pretty early on really and I didn't know any better. I definitely wouldn't enter it again for those exact reasons. I'm hoping to do photography more professionally in the future so I definitely won't be giving away any photos for free.
Ha, sorry Layla I did not mean for that to sound like a sermon :-) But yes we are seeing an awful lot of these veiled rights grabs being presented as competitions.
hahaha, total sermon John. Total buzz kill right there :P Thanks though, it's good to get the word out.

Yeah I copped on to those sorts of competitions since then and haven't entered another one since. They mentioned in an e-mail if I have any other photos for consideration so maybe I'll e-mail them on some samples and prices! :D
I have to admit, +John Dunne I agree, which is why I chose not to enter. But that takes nothing away from +Layla Kuyper, who makes great images.

It is a shame that photographers have to be so careful of this.
Yep, it's really easy to get sucked in when you're just starting out. It's still a nice feeling that my picture will be in a calendar though. At the moment I don't make any money from photography but I'm working towards it.
I completely agree +Susan Prediger +Layla Kuyper makes wonderful images, and this is why I hate to see her and anyone else being taken advantage of.

As an extreme example Layla could never offer this image as a limited addition, or exclusivity on rights-managed licensing should she have a need to in the future.

You are right Layla it is a lovely feeling to be chosen out of all the people that entered and it is a reflection on the quality of your work.
You might see it as a sort of loss leader, in that it puts your photography in the shop window, so to speak.

It can't be too bad a thing if someone sees the image and looks the photographer up as a result, can it? Perhaps it wouldn't be possible to sell this particular image, but there's nothing to stop you selling any of the rest ;)

I mean, it's not like you signed away your first born child... Or is it?! Better check those T&C's again Layla!! :P
Congrats!!! Yay! March is by far the best month anyhow seeing it holds St Davids day :)
Congrats Layla :) I totally agree with you all regarding the T&Cs on the competitions, but in most cases with any company or commercial licence competition you give them the nod to do whatever they want with the image. You still own it but they can use it. A bunch of bottom feeders... Hey congrats to you +Layla Kuyper love it :)
I used to be, in my opinion, overcautious about abstaining from any contest like that to keep full rights to my photos ... but I guess I eventually started to feel like I was just hoarding a load of photos that no one would ever see and no one wanted anyway. So now I'm much more lax about throwing photos out here and there when the opportunity presents itself.

And it's working out a lot better for me, I've gotten a good deal of exposure and even some € from doing so, and I feel better about myself. I tell myself "so what if I'm giving this photo away, I can take much better photos and plenty of them"

I'm not suggesting not being careful, I'm just saying enjoy this exposure while you have it. You keep getting your name and your photos out there like this and soon everyone who is anyone will be throwing the likes of a "GoIreland" calendar aside and buying the "Layla Kurper 2014" instead. :-)

Anyways, mine is just the opinion of a nobody whom I'm sure doesn't know any better.
Layla where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuu :(
This thread is turning in to a Bring Back Layla petition. Come back, we miss you! And bring your best shots with you ;)
Aww you guys.  I'm sorry.  Been in a bit of a funk.  Tried to take some shots lately so that I'll come back and be like hey look at this awesome picture but I just end up being bitten by insects with a memory card full of nothing.  Hope you're all well though, be back soooooon :)
Miiiisssssss yooouuuuuu....... xo <3
+Layla Kuyper I am thinking of heading your way in September sweetie.  For reals.  But for now you can pop over for baked pork chops, courgettes and pasta for dinner with us. :)
Sweeeeet!  Mmm.. that sounds good.  Earlier on I was in a café and I asked for the vegetarian option.  Then I asked if they could put chicken on it.  Mmm chicken. +Athena Carey 
A Memory Card Full of Nothing... Sounds like a typical day's shooting for me ;)
Looking forward to the big comeback - take it easy, no pressure, it's only us! :D
haha, I think the big comeback idea was just an excuse to delay it.  I love you guys though!  Thanks for all of your lovely messages.
+Daniel Chen  I was strimming the grass and I hit one and it exploded all over me.  I was pretty smelly that day.
+Layla Kuyper when you are in a funk what do you do? You dance! You ain't in no funk, puhleeeeeze! Go take some shots and post them ya goof!
+Daniel Chen It certainly was haha

+John De Bord ha!  I'm always dancing, don't worry.. a little leap here a little pirouette there :D but but but it's rainiiiiiiing!

Ok soon!  Thanks buddy :)
Thanks so much +Eileen O'Duffy !  A fine Irish welcome.  I had a dream that I ran onto the pitch during the Croatia game and scored 2 goals.  It was amazing.  In real life I'm crap at sport so I'll stick to the landscapes. 
LOl we probably would have won if you were playing Layla !
I've got a good kick but that's it.  I went back on for the second half but I was late, I told them and the ref that I had nothing to wear and we all had a good laugh.  Ahhh dreaming's so class. :D
great picture, congratulations on getting picked, and you got the best month, although I may be a bit bias, it is my birthday month :D
Andy Q.
Yeah, Layla, how´s tricks over there? Hope you´re alright?
Hey guys!  I'm here.  Preparing for my big come back!  I should make some 80s workout montage.  I'll even perm my hair.
Andy Q.
Excellent, glad you´re still alive.:)
Hanging in there :) hope you're well!  Will be around trying to catch up a bit soon!
Andy Q.
That´s good news, you know I was a bit worried...
Yeah, I´m my usual life-loving, sunny
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