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Knockamany Bens (with some cows)

This is from near Malin Head in Co. Donegal, an absolutely wonderful place to visit. There's a beautiful beach down there called the Five Fingers Strand and I'd highly recommend a stroll on it while listening to the clattering of the rocks when each wave hits.

© Layla Kuyper

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wowsers! :)
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Layla Kuyper

Photos of Ireland  - 
Where did Summer go?  
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Brilliant, I hope you enjoy it :) and yes, seriously winging it... ahem... ah well it works out the odd time.
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Layla Kuyper

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Unfortunately we didn't see the meteor shower a few weeks ago as it was mostly cloudy but it was magical anyway in the wind with the clouds flowing over the hills, the bright moon and just a few stars.  Up here we take what we can get.

My left leg got sucked into a bog hole too, there's always something eh.  Good times.

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sad and lonely dead tree... it seems lost somehow
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Layla Kuyper

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Stunning honeymoon photo from +Louise Lynch - she's also new (well kind of, she signed up on the first day of Google+ and now she's back!) so go and give her a warm welcome!  She's choosing her 10 favourite photos (out of 500) from her honeymoon to post here.  

I love her photo diaries, she always captures the places she visits perfectly with a combination of street scenes, landscapes and close ups that really show the atmosphere and feeling of the location and I think you will too.  She also makes delicious chutney which is worth mentioning because chutney is class.

#irishphotographers #treetuesday
This is the second photo I'm picking from Sicily. It's a self-portrait type shot I took on the first day of our honeymoon. When we happened upon these lovely steps, there was no one around so we sat down to take a break. The sun was shining, the company was perfect and we could see the sea. It was one of those moments I knew would stay with me, so being a typical photographer I set the camera up. For me it captures the feeling. Also my dress matches the flowers.  #AccidentalaestheticsFTW   #Sicily   #Taormina #Romance  
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Very romantic! =3

Pink dress and pink flowers... Nice combo! ;D
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Layla Kuyper

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Day Dreamer

Things have been pretty hectic to say the least, but I wanted to pop by and say that yes I do still exist.  Hello!  My camera must be getting dusty by now but I'll be dusting it off very soon and warming it up.  I can't wait.

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That's a shifty look... A tilty-shifty look ;)

Hope things don't stay so hectic that you don't get the chance to click that dust of the camera soon - I'm missing your work! 
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Layla Kuyper

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“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” - Edgar Allan Poe
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Beautiful light and poetic :)
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We had absolutely incredible weather for 2 weeks (that's why I was around even less than usual) and well it's all over now but 2 weeks of Summer is probably some kind of record for Ireland (*crying).  I managed to have quite a few adventures in that time though and I don't look like a lobster.  Success!  I also made a Facebook (awkward) fan page thing during some sort of mild productivity panic so if any of you still use that come find me.

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You should come to Utah the last month it's been over 100 every day
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Layla Kuyper

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As you can probably imagine we don’t get very many cloudless, moonless nights in Donegal, Ireland but we’re having a very cold April. So when you check the forecast and it’s not only going to be dry but it’s actually going to be cloudless you realise you must get into the car and head for the hills! But first you must grab a photography friend who will bring some tea and chocolate, these items are essential for surviving night time photography trips. Also gloves. So after capturing the sunset at a lake we headed off into the hills and could not believe just how dark it was. Luckily we were also armed with a torch. Unfortunately my tripod wasn’t in the mood for a late night photography trip (or any photography related activity at any time) and refused to co-operate to even the most basic of tasks. Two broken tripod legs and a head which didn’t grip my camera at all left me feeling very nervous sitting in the dark by the waterfall as it had already dived off the top of the tripod several times and bumped me on the lip. I had one cold hand not shivering too hard holding on to the camera strap, luckily all of my photos didn’t come out blurry from my shivering (some of them did). Well my camera survived, but a chair would have been as useful and much less expensive. I’ll remember that for next time.

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Great post, +Layla Kuyper . Wonderful shot !! Hope you and yours are well, my friend.
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Layla Kuyper

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Hey everyone!  *Can anybody help?*

A friend of mine has set her sights on the Nikon D800 and now we're trying to figure out DX from FX and well it's all confusing stuff.  So I was wondering can anybody recommend some good FX lenses and does anybody have any experience using DX lenses on a full frame camera?  Will she explode?  Probably not but any advice or examples would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks very much!
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Congrats +Louise Lynch

"lenses not bricks are the future" I'm going to try this one next time I am speaking to the bank :-)
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Layla Kuyper

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The Sefly Sunday Project
Sat, December 15, 2012, 9:00 PM
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Amateur landscape photographer.  Occasionally snaps some portraits too.  Can be seen climbing into streams without a change of clothes and being eaten alive by insects during lovely sunsets.  I'm very delicious, don't you know.