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Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

Sup G+?

How/why does my page have 22k views? 

What's good today?

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Was this week's first look at The Flash TV series over in, well, a flash? Not to worry – The CW just released a full five-minute long (that's right, five seriously awesome minutes) extended trailer:

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This show is gonna be so good. #constantine #dccomics
Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming Constantine TV series yet?

What's up #tucson ? 

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Can't go wrong with any of these. All are hilarious.
We're very excited to announce that, after the huge success that was the April Fools' day broadcast of Total Riff Off, our new friends at National Geographic were kind enough to let us sell all three episodes as downloads right on our site!  http://RiffTrax.TV

That's right! Our smash-hit National Geographic Channel TV special #TotalRiffOff is now available to purchase, download and stream from

Not only can you finally put each episode on every phone, tablet, and computing device in your home (or if you're a honey badger, dirt pile) but if you buy all three episodes at once, we'll give you a $3 gift certificate towards your next purchase.

Grab your closest Bad@$$ animal friend and head over to to get your fix of Total Riff Off!

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If you're not watching Hannibal, you're the worst.

Have a good Saturday 😄
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