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Keeping it old skool, anyone else here who was a fan of Wizardry on the Apple 2? Apparently it was the first game Peter Molyneux ever got hooked on -

Here's some more history :

A bajillion thanks to +Robert Woodhead aka Trebor for a ridiculous number of hours of enjoyment and frustration. Mapping the top 3 levels of Wiz 4 was insane. But mapping is what I love.
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Awww......... I have no sympathy for Peter (girls>games). And due credit should be given to the various PLATO dungeon games written in the mid-70s, which inspired Wizardry.
I read about Plato in Matt Barton's Dungeons and Desktops. I was amazed to see the screenshots and could see the likeness and wasn't sure whether you'd used it. Credit where credit is due but that doesn't lessen your achievements. Wizardry was all sorts of awesome - especially to a 12 year old D&D player in 82.

Ah - now here's a question. In the manual there's a screenshot of a location that wasn't in the game, talking about stairs with a turnstile (uhmmm searching on net - ok, on page 26 of pdf here Was that in an early version and taken out?
The download link there does not work, it just redirects to a german page. However, it is likely that is a screenshot from "Dungeons of Despair", the beta-test version that was released at the Boston Applefest.
Ah sorry, from that link you need to click on Documents, then "Manual, Apple II (pdf)", then Download. Is that early version available anywhere?
No, that didn't work for me. I personally don't have a copy of Dungeons of Despair. It only had a few levels and was not balanced, it was just a test of the various features.
Yes, that looks like Dungeons of Despair. And yes, I am still in touch with Werdna the Evil Wizard, we are better friends now than when we were writing the game.
That's great to hear! I read on various sites about the falling out with Sir Tech and wasn't sure if that meant your relationship was affected.
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