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Jessica Jensen
Loveable Geek, and all around awesome person!
Loveable Geek, and all around awesome person!

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Trying out some of the G+ Games, I'm hoping they will be less annoying than the Facebook ones. Also, hoping they'll be better. I feel like I'm hoping for too much.

Well now that more people are using G+ maybe it's time for me to come back?

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If you are 21-30 years old, interested in joining a book club (book discussion group whatever you want to call it) and local to me please fill this form out.

Attempting to put together a book group for people ages 20-27 This information is harder to compile than I thought it would be.

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Finished the 3rd book in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, Caressed by Ice ( and really liked it. I think it is my favorite so far. I could really relate to Brenna feeling as if she was damaged goods and I really appreciated how Judd reacted to her and was able to help her through her issues while still working on his own.

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I downed Beth'Tilac last night with my new guild AND got a sexy new helm in the process. I came in 2nd on the healing meters, only under a Resto Shaman who honestly kicked my ass. I really think I'm going to like this new guild, they are really loud and kind of crass, but as a whole they know what they're doing and seem to really be good guys. I also really liked that the heal lead gave constructive criticism instead of just criticizing everything. (I need to speak up more about my mana & when I use my cool downs)

We attempted Lord Rhyolith, that fight is going to honestly take the title of my least favorite fight, just under Valiona & Theralion (which now isn't that bad, but I think it was just a shitty group). Our best attempt was 15% before we wiped. There was too much raid damage. I think when we get back in on Saturday night we'll kick his ass.

I need to get my T11 shoulders before I can equip my new helm because losing my T11 4pc set bonus is going to suuuuck, my precious regen I needs it. Other than that gear wise I'm pretty good, need to enchant my gloves and I think that's it.

Other than that they told me to work on my DPS off spec and I'll pretty much have my raid spot in the bag. The guy I'm competing against doesn't have a mic so that works in my favor. And hopefully by brushing up on my dps I'll be more versatile and good to go.

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Made with & some WoW screenshots! :)

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So I'm planning on applying for the Museum of Science and Industry's Live in the Museum for a Month contest. (I have to have my application in my Friday) I'm trying to think of some ways to highlight myself. Also I need to make a minute long DVD presentation about myself and what I would do with a month in the museum. I need to get on this asap

I need to fix my healing on my druid, but I'm not 100% sure where I'm going wrong. Pulling up TreeCalcs makes my head hurt. Playing a game should not be this stressful :( But at the same time I have this weird urge to be in the "top". This whole situation makes me grumbly. Oh darling Tarr :( How I long for the days when all I had to do was LB spam.
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