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This is just perfect :) can't thank you enough for sharing this
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The Libor manipulation scandal has ensnared at least 17 financial institutions and 22 individuals in a wide-ranging investigation spanning 11 countries and four continents. So far, it has netted at least $5 billion in penalties, with more on the way. Below, we've taken the most complete list of allegedly involved parties, compiled by WSJ reporters and editors, and mapped an extensive web of 298 reported connections that reveals the depth of the alleged conspiracy. 

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It's like Hacker News for people learning R - one can add, comment and  upvote links related to R
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happened the same to me
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Indecisiveness meets herding effect
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In my small weekend project I tried to predict who will take part in the contest for startups. It appeared that top 5 Twitter profiles from my list were at this Startup Weekend and one (@przystas) won the audience prize
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